Friday, July 30, 2010


Not tonight, dear. I have a headache.

We all have our arsenal of excuses for those times when we’re just not in the mood to get it on. “I’m too tired.” “I have to get up early in the morning.” “It’s that time of the month.” “I just don’t feel like it.”

But how about when it’s time to write about sex? As authors with deadlines looming around every corner, we don’t have the luxury of saying, “I’m just not in the mood” to write love scenes. We’d better damn well get in the mood fast.

For me, ideally, I’ll be alone in the house, or even better—Mr. Simone will be available in case I make myself hot and bothered while writing a particularly steamy scene. Ideally, the house will be quiet—no TV, no music (unless it’s music that I pick to set the mood), no barking dog chasing the cat up and down the stairs. Ideally, I’ll be dressed in something more than tattered sweatpants and shirt. Ideally, I’ll have brushed my teeth.

Unfortunately, this is real life. I have a husband who likes my company, two social teenagers, a German shepherd beast who gets too excited whenever he spots one of the cats, and I need to be comfortable when I write, which means tattered sweats and an old sweatshirt complete with spit-up stains from when my daughter was a baby (she’s 18 now).

I wrote my last love scene with six teenagers in the next room watching Saw V blasting on the TV. Nothing like the terrified screams of too-stupid-to-live heroines to get one in the mood to write romance, eh?

How about you? Do you do anything to get in the mood before you write that fabulous sex scene? If so, do tell.

Becca Simone writes erotic romance for The Wild Rose Press. You can learn more about her at her website


Savanna Kougar said...

Becca, I salute your ability to write a love/passion/sex scene while hearing any horror movie!!!

I do write them while listening to internet radio where the topics are often huge downers, such as all the toxins in our food and water these days. Talk about a real horror show!!!

But, how do I get in the mood, if I'm not? Hmmmm... sometimes it's a matter of hot chocolate with all the herbs I put in, including herbs that are good for desire. Or, reading a steamy passage from another author's book can get the ole juices going. Sometimes, I just need to take a break and a nap, if I can get time for one.

Becca Simone said...

Savanna--Any kind of chocolate always helps, I've learned. :) I, too, will read others' works to get in the right frame of mind.

geminimoon60 said...

Great attitude !!!