Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Night Stands

We've all had one, or at least thought about it. I think these encounters probably found their peak in the sixties, right after the pill, and well before the AIDS virus and Ted Bundy. Still, they aren't gone for good, we modern women just need to add a few layers of CYA.  I have some advice for any one night stand fans out there, and I'm going to end with a question, so pay attention and get your commenting fingers flexing.

First and foremost~be prepared. Don't expect your mark (hehe, bonus points if the guy you're scoping is named Mark) to have the necessary latex. A single woman of the twenty-first century should always have some raincoats at her disposal, especially when she's on the prowl for a mindless physical-only encounter.

Second~scope out a hotel. It probably gives you the willies to show a stranger where you live, and it's a lot easier to leave somewhere than to get someone to leave.  The bad part about this is that it might make you come across as a bit of a whore....hmm...think this part over.

Third~be adventurous. You probably won't see this guy again after your ONS, so go ahead. Let loose. Do the things you only read about in those erotic romances. I suggest leaving the bondage out of any ONS, just for the safety factor.

Fourth~think Captain Kirk. Kill the Klingons. Don't ask him when you'll see each other again. Don't ask his phone number, don't follow him home, and for God's sake don't write down his license plate and ask your cop friend to find out everything about him. That doesn't go over well. This is a ONS for a reason. Let him go.

Fifth~bite your tongue. There will be the temptation to call all of your girlfriends and tell them all the sordid details about the prior night. Resist. Keep this to yourself. I promise you'll enjoy it more as a dirty little secret than a notch on your bedpost. 

Sixth~stay awake. If you fall asleep, you'll end up with the awkward morning after thing. If you're really after some NSA sex, you should have no problem with a "well, that was nice," and a quick redressing and have a nice day.

Somewhere between one and two you should also make sure that your guy is legal. That could get sticky, and something you don't want to have to explain to your employers.

So what do you think? Agree with my suggestions? Think I'm way off base? Have any more pointers? Think about it, then answer me this: You and Mark have agreed to some hot NSA sex. You don't want anything but. You're a busy woman with a career and a life. No time for a relationship, and no desire for a broken heart. The chemistry is there, and after three or four hours of mattress bursting fun with him, he hints at date number two. What do you do? Give me your answers in the comments, I'd love to see what you think!

Olivia Brynn is the author of erotic romances For a Price, Falling Star, and Position Secured. Visit her website for more of Olivia's wisdom.


Gem Sivad said...

I think walking away with a smile on your face and a great memory is the sanest thing to do.

(Of course, I didn't, and now I'm married to the guy, so, *blush* I can only say that I have/had no regrets).

gem sivad

Alanna Coca said...

My only experience wasn't a good one. If only I had read a blog with advice before...

PG Forte said...

Yeah, but Gem, who wants to be sane? lol!

Good rules. I like 'em. Of course this is all hypothetical for me, at this point, anyway, but I think it's good to stay flexible. If you both decide you want more than a ONS, where's the harm in seeing what else it might lead to?

Oh, but rule 1.5? Yeah, sooo not an issue for me anymore.

Trina M. Lee said...

I say keep it as a one night fling. It will always be that crazy, wild memory. I can see how some may go for date #2 but for me personally, I don't think a one night stand guy is the kind I want a relationship with anyway. Of course that can work both ways, which is all the more reason to just have fun and go home.

oliviabrynn said...

@PGv - you don't go for the young guys huh? Hehe. I'm with you, play it by ear, who knows?

@Trina - I never thought about that! Do I really want to fall for someone who's used to the flings? Interesting.

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, this is WAY out of my league!!! Once, I fell for the one-night stand thing, long, long ago! and I still regret it in a way. Just so not me.

Wild uninhibited sex is one thing and I say yes! yes! yes! But truthfully I only enjoy it with a man I know and care about.

Bridgette Revell said...

I guess this what the late Mae West meant when she said ... When I'm good I'm very good, but when I'm bad I'm better!

Mary Quast said...

Great suggestions! I remember a ONS I had back in college. His name was Mark and he played for the Miami Dolphins. I have a pic of me in his jersey. LOL said...

@Savanna - Same here, not my thing I guess.
@Bridgette - Love Mae West!
@Mary - His name was Mark? You win the cookie!

Chloe Waits said...

Great post Olivia, lots of fun...blushing at the picture too!

Christa Paige said...

Man, I have been married so long that all of these were eye-opening thought-provoking suggestions, for my muse.

I think it would be fun to role-play an ONS with my husband just for the sheer research value, to take in the advice here and apply it. (And, he is younger than I am, lol but not that young.)

Love the advice about cop friends. It is totally illegal for them to do that kinda dig dirt up thing, so making sure the ONS doesn't involve unlawful activities for bystanders is great advice! (So many people have asked my DH to do this, so you are totally spot on there!) What one does in their hotel room, well, thank goodness for privacy laws. Might want to make sure that the lover Du jour isn't secretly taping things with his iphone, though. One might not want their wicked fling to end up going viral!

What a fun post!

sierramichaels said...

I agree with Trina keeping the fling a wild memorable experience. I had a few of those in my youth. Now that I'm married I like Christa idea of role playing an ONS with my husband. I hadn't thought about that before...looks like it could be a fun weekend ;-)