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I don’t need protecting.  I need my family to be safe. 
They are being held hostage and it’s my fault for my bad taste in men.  Whether I like it or not, G Force Five is my family’s best chance for survival. The problem is, their orders to protect me come from a ruling body I don’t trust.
Now, when I’m alone with them, it seems the only thing I need protection from is myself and the way these five men make me feel. Their idea of protection is vastly different from mine. 
And yet I need them.
All of them.

Bree pulled my hands over my head and efficiently wrapped the belt around my wrists to secure them against the ropes cinching the hammock.      “How come I’m the only one naked?” I asked.
          “Maybe because we’re outside?”  She reached under her dress to tug off her thong panties before she climbed atop me, her knees snugged against my hips.  I could feel the heat from her womanhood against my belly, moist with readiness, and my cock obligingly sprang to attention, ready and willing for duty. 
          She swished her hair across my face and chest like a smooth panel of red-gold silk.  It was torturous delight, nerve endings I hadn’t known I possessed sending out feelers of new sensations.  Then she straightened and slowly unfastened the buttons on the front of her dress. 
          Her breasts sprang free, brushed my cheeks and then found their way, first one, then the other, into my eager mouth.
          The hammock dipped and swayed with my movements as I took a long deep suckle and felt fresh dew from her pussy against my belly.  I wanted to touch her so bad, pull her atop me, but all I could do was pleasure her breasts at a pace she controlled as I felt her growing heat envelope me.
          Her hands on my shoulders, she tipped her hips and shimmied until my rigid cock lay against my belly, underneath her opening.  I sucked in a breath as she began dragging her dampness up and down my boy’s length.  I felt the growing tension wrack her body as a fresh wave of her juices soaked us both, right before she gasped, bucked, and came with a half-cry, half-sob.
          “You sure know how to torture a guy.”
          Bree gave me a satisfied smile.  “And here I thought this was about me, Ledger.  Was I mistaken?”

Protecting Bree is a contemporary Reverse Harem,
Fast burn.  No cliff hangers. 

Also from the G Force 5 Series

Available NOW

Coming, January 29, 2019
Pre-order HERE

About the Author:
Kaely Steel admits to a serious character flaw; she loves men!
Her lucky husband doesn’t mind her indulging her many fantasies through writing about them, and is happy to reap the rewards of being used for research. 
Her hobbies include skinny-dipping and wine-tasting, sometimes, but not always at the same time.  

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