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I don’t need protecting.  I need my family to be safe. 
They are being held hostage and it’s my fault for my bad taste in men.  Whether I like it or not, G Force Five is my family’s best chance for survival. The problem is, their orders to protect me come from a ruling body I don’t trust.
Now, when I’m alone with them, it seems the only thing I need protection from is myself and the way these five men make me feel. Their idea of protection is vastly different from mine. 
And yet I need them.
All of them.

          I rested one hand, flat palmed on the solid muscle of Dare’s chest and felt the accelerated beat of his heart beneath my touch.  An awareness sizzled its way up my arm to lodge in my chest and radiate outwards.  “I’ve never been attracted to more than one man at a time before.  Now I feel attracted to all five of you.  Does that make me a bad person?”
          “I’d say that makes you a lucky person.  Because we all want to love you.”
          I was more than ready for his kiss, desperate for it really, and it didn’t disappoint.  His mouth slanted over mine, exploring soft and gentle, as if seeking all my secrets.  My nipples tingled as my chest molded to his. 
          He took my free and placed it on the front of his jeans, making his desire known.  I cupped his package tenderly, loving the masculine bulge beneath my hand.  My nails raked it teasingly through the denim as our kiss deepened.  He unzipped my hooded vest, wrestled it off me and tossed it aside, all without breaking the hungry contact of our lips. 
          We were both breathing heavily as we drew apart to gulp in air before our mouths met and mated with fervent need.  I raised his hands to my needy breasts and almost gasped at the sensation as his talented fingers played with my nipples before he slid his hands under my shirt and tugged it over my head.
          My mouth went dry when he pulled off his shirt.  I’d seen him working out, but up close his chest was magnificently sculpted, fine-honed defined pecs lightly sprinkled with dark hair.  A taut six-pack skimmed his ribs and lower, disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. 
          My hands flew there now, unfastened them and lovingly lowered the zipper, releasing his gorgeous cock from its confines.  Then I spotted a pair of rawhide leather chaps.  My libido went nuts. 
          I grabbed them off the hook.    “I need to fuck you wearing these and nothing else.”
          He obligingly stepped out of his boots and jeans and into the chaps.  The leather belt sat low on his lean waist. 
          “Turn around!”  He did so slowly, teasingly, flexing the tight white globes of his ass before he faced me with his balls and cock deliciously displayed. 
          “Coming for a ride?”
          “In a minute.”  Because I’d spotted another prop.  A riding crop. 

Protecting Bree is a contemporary Reverse Harem,
Fast burn.  No cliff hangers. 

Also from the G Force 5 Series

Available NOW

Coming, January 29, 2019
Pre-order HERE

About the Author:
Kaely Steel admits to a serious character flaw; she loves men!
Her lucky husband doesn’t mind her indulging her many fantasies through writing about them, and is happy to reap the rewards of being used for research. 
Her hobbies include skinny-dipping and wine-tasting, sometimes, but not always at the same time.  

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