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I run from one man who wants me dead, into the arms of five others. 
They call themselves G Force Five; a powerful weapon against corruption.
Safe in their midst I am cherished, loved, redeemed.  
I, in turn, love them all.
But evil forces conspire to control them. 
They are wounded.  They are my saviors.
Who will save them?

Copyright @ 2018 by Kaely Steel  All rights reserved
          The gym’s recessed lights made Ledger’s tousled blond hair glow like a halo.  I hardly dared believe he was really here.  His breath fanned my face.   My heart was racing at a gallop.  I smelled mating in the air and the prospect flooded me with waves of anticipation.
          “Who decided who walked through that door just now?” I asked.
          “We all did.  We do everything together.”
          “Everything?”  My nipples pebbled as my insides softened. 
          He dipped his head in a slight bow of old-world courtesy.  “If that’s what milady would like.”
          Oh, my.  The room temperature suddenly hiked, like ten degrees. 
          He picked me up in his arms and carried me over to the pull-up bar.  “Hold on.” 
          I obediently stretched my arms up over my head to reach.  The tips of my toes barely grazed the floor.  The second I had my hands wrapped around the cold metal he tugged my tights over my hips and down my legs so I could kick them aside.  Before I had a chance to move, he secured my wrists to the bar with yoga straps, tight enough that I couldn’t free my hands. 
          This was definitely getting interesting.  “I take it you have something specific in mind?” 
          He slapped my bare ass with the flat of his palm.  Not hard, just enough to make me aware of my naked, vulnerable state and send a shot of sensation radiating to the juncture of my thighs.  My clit, already stimulated from my earlier attention, pulsed anew.  I felt a slick dampness spread like heated honey from my inner lips. 
          He slapped me again, harder this time and I felt fresh waves of heat building.  My breasts tingled, aching to be touched.  My clit was on fire with need.  Ledger bent and kissed my ass, then nipped each cheek gently with his teeth before running his tongue up and down the seam. 
          I squirmed in need.  My pussy was dripping.  “Please,” I moaned.
          He circled me to stand before me.  “Please what?”
          “Please touch me.” 
          “Where?  Your yummy ass?  Your perky tits?  Or lower?”  He pressed the heel of his hand against my mound, then laughed and withdrew it when I tried to open my legs.  To urge his touch where I needed it most. 
          He cupped the globes of my ass and pulled my hips into him.  I could feel his hard, hot erection beneath the zipper of his jeans.  I moaned in frustration and tugged at my bonds.  Wanting, needing, to touch him.
          “Everywhere!”  It was a cry. 
          A plea. 
          A command.
          “Everywhere?  I might need some help with that.  Who should be invited in here with us, Jenna?”
          I could hardly breathe or swallow.  They were there watching.  All of them!  And I could have more than one.  “You pick.”
          “No way, Jenna.  Lady’s choice.”           
          I wanted them all!

 About the author:

Kaely Steel admits to a serious character flaw; she loves men!
Her lucky husband doesn’t mind her indulging her many fantasies through writing about them, and is happy to reap the rewards of being used for research. 
Her hobbies include skinny-dipping and wine-tasting, sometimes, but not always at the same time. 

REDEEMING JENNA  is a contemporary Reverse Harem,
Fast burn.  No cliff hangers. 

Coming NEXT in the G Force 5 Series

Coming January 15, 2019
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Coming, January 29, 2019
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