Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Naughty Moves to Drive Him Wild

You better be over 18 to read on.

Hey...we're romance writers who behave badly. What did you expect? 
We have to do alot of research for our books and have creative minds, 
so of course we'll share our ideas.
 Here's a few tips on getting a little naughty.

1.      Try a bit of bondage.  Being tied up means you are at the mercy of your partner’s urges, which can be exciting.  You can focus entirely on being pleasured since you’re not able to reciprocate.  Let yourself be his sexy toy.  Remind him that he’s in control and responsible for getting you off.

2.      Blindfolds and scarves.  Tie him up and place a soft blindfold over his eyes.  While he’s lying naked at your mercy, touch him softly with feathers, your fingers, your tongue, and tell him what you’re doing.

3.      Give him a peep show.  This can be done two different ways.  A. Masturbate alone but don’t let yourself climax.  Greet him naked; let him see the flush all over your body.  In a husky voice, describe to him what you were doing.  Or…B. Let him watch you masturbate and let him finish you off.

4.      Give him his own personal lap dance.  Touch yourself in all of yours and his favorite spots.  Some dirty dancing will not only make you feel sexy but it’ll make him hot as well.

5.      Manhandle him.  Surprise him with a hand job when he least expects it such as when he’s relaxing on the couch or on the phone.

6.      Have strange sex.  I don’t mean weird sex, but pretend you don’t know each other.  You know… role playing.  Set up a time to meet at a particular bar.  As you make your way to him, flirt with a few guys.  Introduce yourself; even make up a name and character you want to play.    Role playing can push both of you out of your comfort zone and possibly enjoy sensations and positions you wouldn’t normally try together.

7.      Play the innocent.  If you want to have more fun role playing, pretend one of you is innocent and is in need of sex lessons.  Prepare for a very X-Rated tutorial.

8.      New views and new angles.  Take the action to the living room couch.  Try standing-up sex in this semi-public room, it’ll feel a bit naughty.  Keep in mind this is the room where your parents and friends will be sitting.

9.      Give him the “Oh, my God” erotic view.  Start in a seated position on the couch, straddle him, and then place his hands on your hips to keep you secure.  Lean all the way back so your head is down by his feet.  You can put your hands on the floor for extra support, then rest your feet on the back of the couch.

10.   Continue exploring the various rooms in the house.  You will find you will be forced to accommodate your positions to different obstacles.

11.   Ambushing your guy.  Pounce on him when he gets out of the shower.  Nothing smells or tastes as nice as a clean man!  Or slip into the bathroom and strike a seductive pose in your birthday suit.  When he pulls aside the curtain, he’ll be surprised with the stunning scenery.

12.   Sexting.  Next time you go out to dinner tell him you left something in the car.  Once outside, text him that you need his help with something.  When he comes out, pull him into the car and go at it.  (You might want to be in a remote part of the parking lot.)

13.   Sexy talk.  Tell him how you feel during sex.  Verbalizing the sensation brings your attention to it, which reinforces the pleasure you’re experiencing.  “I’m coming” is a simple but magical phrase for a man to hear; he’s pleased he’s gotten you so aroused that you’re out of control.

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Alice Audrey said...

My hubby and I used to do a bit of bondage, but it turned out we're both subs. Just didn't work out.