Tuesday, January 30, 2018


The Broken: Book Three

Brandi was kidnapped at a conference. What a way to discover that there were aliens on the earth. She wished she had time to be scared of them. Her father was coming to collect her. He had plans for her life that would crush her soul unless she found a way to break free.

Thrice wanted to save his sister’s friend. He had no idea that she would be his mate. The past that he ran from long ago was haunting. How could he face his mate knowing what had been done to him? Why would she want him?

Love was the last thing either of them was looking for. The shock of finding it was bringing them to their knees. Was there a way for two lost souls to claim each other?

They were fighting both aliens and humans. To win they had to be willing to bury the past and live in the now. Sometimes the evil that haunts us refuses to die.

Eighteen years or older


How was he supposed to resist an offer like that? He knew better the course of history couldn’t be changed. He should have walked away when he had a chance. Now he was too involved with Piper. He wanted her too much. His hand lifted and touched the side of her face before his fingers traced her jawline ending at the tip of her pointed chin.

Her lips curved in a smile that totally enchanted him. His finger traced her bottom lip. It was soft and full. His mind was filled with thoughts of how her lips would fit against his. He knew he was a damn fool even as he lowered his head to taste the forbidden one more time.

So soft he groaned at the pressure of his lips against hers. She opened with a gasp, the taste of honey and female overwhelmed him. The need to dive deep inside of her rode him. His back tightened with the need not to press her. She broke off to take a breath.

“You’re doing it again. Holding yourself so tightly together.”

“Don’t want to overwhelm you.”

The need to protest was on the tip of her tongue. Instead, she buried her head on his chest.

They stayed that way for a long time until he realized she meant every word she spoke. She wouldn’t move until he did. He never met a female who was willing to follow his lead. It wouldn’t last; it couldn’t, but maybe he could enjoy today.

He stood and reached down to take her hand. She placed her tiny hand in his. Her nails were rugged it looked like she had clawed at the walls when she was imprisoned. She followed his gaze and tried to close her hands.

“Don’t, they prove that you’re a little fighter.” He pulled her up from the floor with one tug.

She stared at him mouth opening and closing. Should she tell him there was nothing little about her or let him know she wasn’t a fighter? Every time she opened her mouth something harsh and nasty tried to come out, so she stayed silent. Was she turning into her father? That had always been her worst nightmare.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yeah.” He turned and went to find clothes. That’s when she realized he didn’t want to lord over her. 

“What does being in charge mean to you?”

“Protecting you. Knowing that you’ll do what I say when you're in danger.”

“Do you want to tell me who I can be friends with or what to wear? Or even when to touch you?”

“Not really. I’d suggest not trying to be friends with the aliens that kidnapped you. Also, watch out for the robots I can’t figure out what they want. As far as what you wear. That’s up to you. I would ask you not to embarrass me in front of my brothers.”

“So, you just want the normal relationship stuff.”

“I’m not familiar with what goes on in a normal relationship.”

She closed her mouth. Well hell, neither was she.

“We could figure it out together make our own normal.” His eyes sparkled, and she knew she was going to fall into them and if life was good, no one would ever find her again.

“I like that.”

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