Saturday, January 13, 2018

That's right, my filthy wife. Take it. Don't fight it when we both love it. #dirtyexcerpt #dirtyxcerpt #Romcom #BDSM #truedeepandforeverpart2

It's almost here! Only 2 more weeks until the
the long awaited part 2 of True, Deep and Forever releases

The story many readers are saying is a refreshing take on romance and love. It's real, it's raw, it's relatable. It's life!



Two hearts… one marriage… an unbreakable bond?

They say that in marriage there’s a seven-year itch. Where the passion fizzles, the arguments take over, and the kids are all-consuming. Amy and Garret Banks are seven years into a love so raw, so real, so incredible that when things start to go south, they’re both left feeling as though they’re treading water with weights on. That they’ll never find their way back to the surface and be able to rekindle the passion they once had for each other.

Secrets and lies, exes and bitter rejection plow through this once-perfect union, wreaking havoc on the couple’s fragile happiness and leaving them vulnerable to a threat that will put their whole family in danger.

Can Amy and Garret find their way back to each other, restore their trust and reignite the fire before the flame goes out and they’re both left singed, scared and all alone.

He lifted the hem of my shirt up over my head, and I let him. His chuckle was warm and low. “Now you know I’m going to have to punish you for that little indiscretion, right? Or was that your plan all along, you naughty girl?”
I laughed as he plopped my feet back down on the floor, gently pushing my face into the duvet and bringing my hands up behind me, tethering them together at the small of my back with his supple leather belt. I hardly had time to think, let alone adjust myself for comfort, before his mouth was on me from behind. But just barely. He took his time. Boy, did he take his time. Often I wasn’t even sure he was touching me, it was just his warm breath grazing my thighs and lips. I never knew where he was going to touch me next. A nip here, a subtle lick there, and yet, I was a saturated mess, trembling like a timid little virgin. I would have fallen over if it weren’t for the supportive hand on my hip, kneading and caressing, letting me know that he would catch me if I fell, forever and always.
He worked me over like this for a while, a long while, barely touching me and yet driving me mad, until I was a gyrating mess against his face, pushing into him, frantic for him to touch me more. The need for release hammered into me, but he was relentless.
“Please, Garret,” I begged. Knowing he loved it when I begged. “I need more than this.”
“Hmmm,” he hummed behind me, running the tip of his tongue up the back of my thigh, then dipping it between my legs, narrowly grazing my clit. My leg convulsed beneath me.
“You don’t like this?”
I swallowed. “I love it. B-but I need more.”
“Hmmm,” he hummed again. “You want something more like this?” And then he rammed his tongue inside me hard and fast, teasing my core until I was a gasping bundle of shrieking nerves. In and out, his wicked hot tongue fucked me, until I could barely stand it anymore, and he switched to my clit, swirling and twirling and then sucking and lapping. And then, just like on the beach, that warm, velvety tongue of his crept up from my folds and started to rim my sensitive rosette. This time I didn’t fight him. Instead, I just sunk deep, melted like warm butter into the mattress.
“That’s right, my filthy wife. Take it. Don’t fight it when we both love it.” His breath was warm against my skin, and I instinctively thrust back into his ministrations, eager for more. My legs began to shake. Pleasure unlike anything I’d ever experienced before ratcheted up through me, making my whole body quake without abandon, until I was thrashing on the bed and trying to get away, only to then thrust back against him for more. And then, just like that, it stopped, and he stood up, relinquishing the hold he had on my body and leaving me wanton and panting, anxious for an orgasm beyond all rational thought.

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