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Xcerpt (18+): Daring Proposal (Dare Menage Series, bk 2) by Jeanne St. James

Book 2 of The Dare Menage Series...

 The Dare Menage Series, book #2
Jeanne St. James
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, LBGTQ, Interracial
Loose Id, LLC

Since losing her husband years ago in a tragic accident, Eve Sanders hasn’t dated. Her husband’s death proved life is short, so why waste time denying her unfulfilled desires. Eve desires two men, but not just any two. Both happen to be former Super Bowl champions and best friends.

When both men participate in a Celebrity Date Night charity event, Eve’s determined to not only be the winning bidder for the retired NFL quarterback Lawrence “Long Arm” Landis, but also Cole Dixon, his former Boston Bulldog’s teammate. However, Ren not only has a problem with another man dating the same woman, but he definitely isn’t planning on sharing her in the same bed. Even if it’s with his best friend.

Openly bi-sexual, Cole is sexually attracted to Ren and has secretly wanted him for years. He’s never acted upon it, assuming Ren wouldn’t want to be with another man. Eve’s daring proposal gives Cole hope his dream with Ren will come true.

Being with two men is one of Eve’s fantasies, but never in her life has she been so bold. Not only is she nervous about proposing something so daring to the two men, but will both be willing?


“You’re a very handsome man, you know. I’m going to touch you.”
“Only if you’re prepared for the consequences,” he warned her.
“Would I touch you if I wasn’t?”
She traced her fingers over his brow. His eyes were large and a deep, dark brown. His nose was broad and a little crooked, probably from playing football all those years. At the corner of his left eye was a little scar. A result from rough game play? His ears were perfectly shaped; the square cut diamond studs in his ear were enormous, like his house. They must be two carats each, by her estimate. They seemed to be the only jewelry he was wearing. Or what she could see, since he was currently still overdressed for her taste.
She ran a thumb over his bottom lip and he caught it between his teeth. His smile was so bright in contrast to his rich, dark chocolate skin tone. His cheek bones and his chin were chiseled and strong. His face was broad and one hundred percent male. From his chin, she moved her hands along each side of his jawline. It was powerful and distinct, like she imagined the rest of his body was. She cupped her right hand around the front of his throat, his Adam’s apple jumping beneath her palm. Her left thumb stroked across his perfectly shaped lips again.
His eyelids had lowered during her exploration, barely hiding the heat behind them. When she was done and he finally looked at her, the heat had turned into raw passion. A slight tic pulsed in his jaw.
She tilted her head as she studied him, and without thought, she murmured, “There is a saying: the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.”
She barely heard his response. His moist breath washed over her thumb. She finally started to pull her hand away, but he caught her wrist.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I said that out loud. That was extremely inappropriate.” Her apology was a breathless whisper, the words catching slightly. But she didn’t care if what she said was inappropriate, because under her right palm, which was still tightly pressed against his throat, his pulse was beating even faster.
“Tupac’s lyrics in one of his songs. ‘Keep Ya Head Up.’”
The harder he held her left wrist to keep her thumb against his lips, the tighter her right hand wrapped around his neck.
Heavily muscled and sinewy, this was not a throat that could be easily crushed. Hot blood pulsed strongly through pronounced veins.
Ren Landis was built like a bull.
She had no doubt his hand could crush her wrist with no effort at all.
He was strong and solid.
And she wanted to see him naked.
HE WANTED TO see her naked, spread open over his bed. Soft thighs, curvy hips, handfuls of breasts. Damn. She had it going on.
Her hand on his throat was tight, and restricting his breathing a little, but he liked it. He had a raging hard-on like no other.
“You like to play rough?” he asked her.
She gave a little shrug and the tips of her fingers dug into his skin a little deeper. “I don’t know.” A little nervous laugh escaped her. She was so playing with fire!
He reached down, grabbed her ass, and lifted her up and against him, making sure she felt his hard length. “You don’t know?” He spun her around, breaking her grip. He placed her on the bed on her knees, facing her away from him.
She shook her head, her hair sweeping down her back. It was long and silky and he wanted to grab fistfuls of it and bend her to his will.
He bent close to her ear and growled, “We’ll see how rough you like it.”
She made a little noise, and, since she hadn’t said no, he slipped the top of her smoking hot dress over her head, revealing what he already knew. She wore no bra. She had full, luscious breasts but they were still perky enough that she could go without support. And he liked that she was bold enough to go without. Nothing wrong with a woman with natural breasts. Just how he liked them.
He reached around to cup both breasts, squeezing them slightly, his thumbs rubbing over her hard nipples.
“I’m going to pinch them, twist them, and later I’m going to bite them. Do you want that?”
Again, he only heard a small noise, which sounded like encouragement to him. He kissed along her shoulders as he played with her nipples, doing what he said he would. He pinched the hard tips before rolling them between his thumbs and fingers. He twisted them a little harder, pushing her until she cried out, not in pain, but a low sound of pleasure.
She wanted more. And that made his balls tighten and his cock twitch within his pants.
“Turn around.”
She did as she was told and she turned to face him on her knees at the edge of the bed. Her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed. And she wore a bit of a distracted smile.
“Get on your back.”
She pulled her legs from out beneath her, putting them on each side of his where he stood. She lay back.
“Hips up.”
Ren reached underneath her to find the zipper at her waist and slide it slowly down, releasing the snug fabric. He wiggled the dress over her hips and down her thighs. No thigh-high stockings tonight. It was somewhat of a pity since those stockings were hot, but the skin on her legs was flawless and smooth, and, yes, he could find some freckles. His hands slid along her skin as he slid the bottom of the outfit down to her ankles and over her heels.
Now she was only in panties and her heels. Almost completely naked on his bed. His heart felt like it would pound out of his chest. He inhaled deeply and slowly in an attempt to slow himself down.
He debated whether to strip her totally naked or to leave the shoes and panties on for a little longer.
His fingers fumbled with each button on his dress shirt in his rush to get it off and he finally threw it to the side. He unbuckled his leather belt, and with a quick pull, he yanked it from the belt loops and threw it in the same direction as his shirt.
He kicked off his shoes and socks at the same time as he unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks, sliding them down and discarding them.
As anxious as he was to get undressed, he paused when he noticed Eve was watching him. He looked down and saw how hard he was through his tight boxer briefs.
“Take these off me.”
She obliged, hooking her fingers into the waistband and slowly, ever so slowly, sliding them down his wide thighs. Her eyes never left his cock.
He kicked them off and said, “Suck me.”
He still stood between her legs and she shifted closer to him. Eve’s fingers wrapped at the root of his cock.
And squeezed. Sweet mother!
A pearly drop of precum escaped.
She bowed her head and licked it up.
Her lips captured the end and she licked around the edge, before slowly taking him deeply into her warm, wet mouth. The sensation was unbelievably fucking hot.
She made a noise when she got to her limit, when she couldn’t take any more of him in. But she held him there for a second, two, three, before pulling her head up just enough to take a breath and then deep throated him again.
Holy fuck. He was going to lose it!
He fought the urge to thrust deeply, all-out fuck her mouth. But he wanted to. Oh, did he want to. He dug his fingers into her hair, grabbing two handfuls. The little sounds she made as she sucked him almost threw him over the edge.
She squeezed her fist harder around the base of him, causing his cock to become a deeper purple. Her mouth was a wet vessel for his length, her tongue lapping the tip on each lift of her head.
“Stop!” Ren cringed internally; that had come out much louder than what he had intended. But if she didn’t stop, she would get a throat full of his come. He wasn’t made of steel.
The first time he came with her, he wanted to be deep inside her.
He backed away from her and went to the top of the bed, tucking a pillow behind him as he leaned against the metal headboard and settled himself.
“Panties off, shoes off. Then come to me.” His cock was so hard. He was going to have to keep his cool so he wouldn’t blow his load in thirty seconds.
Ren watched Eve stand up in her heels, her legs appearing longer than they actually were; she slowly slid her panties off.
Her body was so damn luscious. She only left a little strip of hair above her pussy and he wanted to bury his face there. But he could only take so much at this point. Again, it would have to wait for next time. He looked forward to pleasuring her, and could imagine her rolling around, gasping, and moaning as he ravished her pussy with his mouth.
He closed his eyes, trying to get that picture out of his head. It wasn’t helping.
When he opened them, she was shoeless by the side of the bed, climbing onto the mattress.
He held his hand out to help her balance, and she climbed up and over him, straddling his lap.
“Your body is gorgeous,” she told him. He worked hard to stay in shape, and he appreciated the compliment.
“Yours also. I was just thinking how next time I want to eat you out until you come in my mouth.”
She wiggled slightly in his lap, probably getting the same image as he was.
Her pussy was hot and damp against his skin, and with a slight shift he could have his cock at her opening.
She leaned close and they met halfway, kissing. They sucked each other’s tongues and lips, and nibbled at each other’s mouths. Her breasts pressed against his chest, the tight tips pushing against his skin.
She rose just enough to place her wet crease along his length. Then ground down against him as he kissed her.
He grabbed her hips, holding her still. He pulled away enough to say, “Hold on.”
His long arms made him able to just reach the drawer of his bed stand and he pulled a string of condoms out. They didn’t call him “Long-Arm” Landis for nothing!
Her eyes widened. “Will we need that many?”
He let out a low rumble. “I hope so.”
Oh, he fucking hoped so.
He ripped one open, reaching underneath her to encase his oh-so-ready cock.
Please don’t let me embarrass myself by losing it within a few seconds!
His balls were so tight, and his cock so hard, that when she guided him into her, he cried out in relief. She settled deeply and he could feel her walls pulsating around him. Her muscles rippling up and down his length.
It felt so fucking good and she hadn’t even moved yet!
She wrapped her arms around his neck and she placed her mouth against his ear and said, “I’m going to fuck you so good.”
“Fucking ride me” was the only thought he could spit out.
And she did.

About the Author:
JEANNE ST. JAMES is an erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only 13 started writing when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages.
She has a few new releases coming up in 2017. So keep an eye on her website at or sign up for her newsletter.

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