Sunday, January 22, 2017

Willow's Dragon

New Release
The final book in the Dragon Mates series

Willow's been on the move most of her adult life. She considers herself a runner, moving along when things get a little too hot to handle. Now she's met the dragon of her dreams, too bad he's frozen. With war dogging her every footstep things are about to get rough for her.

Javon's been frozen for more years than he can remember now that his mate has finally come he will have to do the one thing he regrets. Fight the upcoming war and risk the one person his heart longs for.

She opened her eyes to a white fog it covered everything but still gave her the ability to see several feet in front of her.

“Hello? Is there anyone here? Where is here?”

“This is the plane between sleep and wakefulness. You’ve been here before; most people see their dreams here. The white fog you see would normally be your dreams.”

“Why aren’t I dreaming?”

“Who knows maybe you are.”

She could hear the smile in the voice, as well as the teasing and her stomach did a flip.

“What’s your name?” It just dawned on her that he knew her name.


Mmm, Javon that sounded hot. Really Willow your about to die, and all you can think about is a hot man. Better than worrying about if I shut that darn window and is the gas turned off. I checked that stove a thousand times, and still, I’m worried about it.

If I’m on the dream plane and you’re on the dream plane why can’t I see you?”

“Seeing me would seal your fate or at least it would seal mine.”

“How bad can your fate be, I’m dying.”

“So am I in a sense. I’m not fortunate enough to die. Instead, I’ll forever be in a state of stasis unless someone destroys my body. I don’t know what will happen if they do that.”

“You're aware of the world around you, but you can’t interact with it?”

“That’s it.”

“Sounds like your screwed, no offense. Either way, you should show yourself because it’s probably too late for you.”

“Maybe, Willow, maybe not.”

She stood waiting for him to make up his mind. Why couldn’t her dream man or her dream voice be a little more agreeable? Her voice should be humoring her since she only had hours to live.

“This is your dream Willow, so it’s your choice of what to do. You can come a little closer and find me, but there’s a price to pay. You will see me for what I am and not what you wish I were. How brave are you, Little Willow?”

Well, I’m not little, but I am Willow, and nothing stops me. A flash of her high-powered job and the terror she was made to feel there crossed her mind before she shut it down. She refused to ever be scared again.

“Nothing scares me.” She straightened her shoulders and popped her chest out.

“Then you’re braver than I am. I’ve learned that there are several things to be scared of in this life. There are times that the only thing that keeps you alive and moving is fear. Come find me, my Brave Willow.”

I’m not your anything. She mouthed the words but never said them. Right now she wished she were back on her job smiling at the customers, most of who weren’t human. Instead, she was about to die but not before she met a monster. He had to be a monster, right? Why else would he say all those things?

Deep breath in and then let it out. Nice, sure steps. With a shake of her head, she stopped talking to herself and started walking.

“Where are you?”

“You’re getting close keep walking when you pass the fog you’ll see me.”

The fog around her was thinning out she was able to see further. Deep breath in, let it out slowly. Her body was trying to forget how to breathe, and she needed to help it. The stress of walking to meet him may kill her. What if he was evil and he was luring her into his cage? She would know. Right? Uh huh, just like you knew about John, and still he got close enough to toss you overboard. She wasn’t going to put any hope into her skills as a people reader.

She stopped. The fog was ending if she took another step, he would be there. Part of her wanted to see him the other part was scared she would be disappointed. This voice had been haunting her dreams for years, but the voice had grown louder, more audible over the last two years until she couldn’t ignore it anymore. This voice, his voice was the reason she went on this vacation and look where she ended up.

Enough stalling, she walked out of the fog to gasp at what she saw. She was staring at a dragon frozen in perfection. He was enormous. His head was up tilted at an angle that showed he was proud of who he was. His mouth was open as if he had been frozen mid-roar. He sat on his rear legs while the fronts were holding him up so you could see the beauty of his wide chest. His wings were magnificently tucked close to his body.

She got closer, she had to. He wasn’t real, he couldn’t be. His eyes were golden but shaped like the reptile that modern myth said he was. He was golden. A golden dragon, she should back up leave while she still had a chance but he drew her like he had a lasso around her waist.

“Dragons don’t exist.”

“Tell it to the one you’re looking at.”

“You’re a dragon.” The awe in her voice couldn’t be missed. It was a dream, but that didn’t matter. She had seen so many things, people, who weren’t human why was she so sure that dragons didn’t exist?

“I’m a dragon, but I’m a male too.”

“What?” She was so taken in by the dragon she never examined the space around her.

There was a man standing next to the dragon, perfectly frozen.

“You can only see the male because we are in your dream.”

He was tall, and she wasn’t short, but he easily had five inches on her. His hair was a deep brown she wanted to call chocolate, he was blessed with navy blue eyes that looked just as reptilian as the dragon. His face was a masterpiece. The strong chin, jaws that made her want to caress them. Thick eyebrows that screamed male without being bushy or unkempt. His lips looked like they knew how to deliver serious pleasure and his body, Lord help her. He was thick with muscle but lean enough to be swift and agile. Already her body was heating up looking at him.

“What’s your relationship to the dragon?”

“I am the dragon, and he is me. That’s why you can only see both of us in your dream.”

“Why am I here? Why did you bring me here?” She was shouting now losing it because this shouldn't
be happening. All she wanted to do was live a carefree life. Somehow, he was responsible for her having to run.

“I brought you here because you’re my mate.”

“No, no, no!”

“Come find me, Willow, I need you. My Brave Willow.”

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