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First Chapter Friday! Rip Cord: The Weekend by Jeanne St. James

Meet Rip and Gil...

The Reunion & The Weekend
Rip Cord trilogy, book 1 & 2
Jeanne St. James
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Loose Id, LLC

The Weekend:

Geek extraordinaire Gil Davis hooked up with his long-time crush Rip Cord, the Bad Boy of the NFL, during their tenth year class reunion. It was a dream come true for Gil, so when Rip surprises Gil with a trip to the pro football player’s cabin on the lake two weeks later, Gil looks forward to their weekend alone. Since Rip is still deep in the closet due to his career, Gil will take any stolen moments they have. Little does Gil know, those moments will be filled with a blindfold and ropes, as well as a bad tumble down the mountain.

But a few bumps and bruises won’t stop Gil from spending precious time with Rip and his toys. However when the weekend ends, will Rip disappear again? Or will Rip want to take their relationship to the next level?

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Chapter One

Gil Davis’s breath stopped. Was the Bad Boy of the National Football League really calling him?
He glanced at his caller ID again just to be sure.
No way!
Rip had said he was going to call. He had even plugged his digits into Gil’s phone the last time he saw him; however, his former classmate never did. Gil just figured Rip decided he didn’t want anything but a one-night stand. Gil had been disappointed, yes, but not surprised.
“Get ready. I’m coming to get you in an hour.”
“Rip?” So, it wasn’t just a butt dial.
“Wear jeans and shit kickers—you do have boots, right? And pack enough for a weekend in the woods. You won’t need much.”
Of course it was Rip. Holy crap. It. Was. Rip!
After hooking up the night of their high school reunion, he never, ever thought he’d hear from Ripley “Rip” Cord again. The pro football player was in the closet. Like deep in the closet. Gil thought Rip had used him that night just to get his rocks off. Honestly, they had both gotten their rocks off, so Gil wasn’t complaining about having a copious amount of sex with his high school crush.
It had been a dream finally come true, but honestly…Gil never thought it would happen again. Why did the hot football player want him again? Him, little ole geek Gil.
Gil’s heart thumped in his chest.
“Are you there?”
Rip’s deep voice made him shiver. What had occurred that night two weeks ago flashed through his mind. It was going to happen again! He wanted to squeal like a girl.
“Yes! Yes, I’m here.”
“Be ready. You’ve got an hour.”
Gil’s cell phone went dead. He stared at it in his hand like he’d never seen it before.
A weekend in the mountains?
He would have to get his roommate and best friend, Katie, to help him pack. He knew nothing about packing for the outdoors.
* * * *
Katie hovered by the bay window while Gil stood on the front stoop of their little shared house. She was as excited as he was. Okay, maybe even more so, since Gil sort of, kind of, dreaded the mountains. Well, the outdoors in general. The bugs. The dirt. Fresh air. Okay, maybe not air. Oxygen was necessary for breathing. But being an accounting nerd, he tended to prefer being indoors. It was safer. And he was less likely to hurt himself, klutz as he was.
When he heard the deep roar of a motorcycle coming up the street, Gil gripped the handle of his rolling carry-on like a lifeline.
The man of his dreams—his crush since ninth grade—rolled into the driveway on his blacked-out Harley Davidson. His broad shoulders were encased in a black, heavy-duty leather biker jacket. The kind with all the rivets, buckles, and snaps. All that leather made his solidly honed body appear even bigger. When he pulled up to Gil, Rip’s shoulder-length dirty blond hair was a mess from the wind. But it made him look like a badass. That’s because Rip was a badass! A sexy, hard-core badass. Gil’s cock agreed as it twitched in his jeans.
Rip shut down the powerful machine between his legs and stared at Gil. No, not stared. Rip inspected every inch of him, from his short brown hair to his T-shirt and light Windbreaker, to the blue jeans, which were still a like-new dark blue since Gil hardly wore them. His gaze stopped on Gil’s boots.
A wide smile showed off all his white, perfect teeth. He nodded his head in approval.
Gil just happened to have some of those “shit-kicker” boots at the back of his closet. But what do you know…there wasn’t a scuff on them, of course. He had only worn them once at a Halloween party when he had dressed as a construction worker.
Rip finally unmounted the big bike, and Gil caught his breath. Rip was wearing worn, holey jeans that fit him sinfully well.
“What’s this?” Rip asked, jerking the overnight bag out of Gil’s hands. He shook his head, frowning. “No. No. No.”
He flipped the small suitcase onto the ground and unzipped it. He started tossing everything out of it.
“You don’t need all this shit.”
Rip pulled two pairs of boxers, two pairs of socks, and a couple of T-shirts out of the pile he’d made on the ground. His book! Gil watched with dismay as Rip tossed the book he was currently reading onto the lawn. The book’s spine was going to be creased!
Rip lifted the flap on one side of a leather saddle bag and stuffed only the essentials into it, including a toothbrush. And, fortunately, his spare glasses.
But his razor! His shampoo and conditioner. His brush. His dental floss. His nasal spray.
Stuff he needed…
Ugh. He was such a pussy. Rip must be used to roughing it like a real man. Clearly, something Gil was proving he wasn’t.
Gil turned toward the house and saw Katie’s eyes widen, but she was laughing from behind the window. She gave him two thumbs-up and then an obscene hand gesture. The one indicating intercourse.
Gil felt heat rolling up into his cheeks as he turned back to Rip, but let out a big “oof!” as Rip shoved a helmet into Gil’s sternum.
Gil looked at the helmet as if it was an alien, then plopped the thing on his head. The weight of it felt awkward, uncomfortable, and unbalanced when he tilted his head. He struggled to tighten the straps until Rip impatiently pushed Gil’s hands aside and within seconds had the helmet secure. Rip patted the helmet and laughed.
“Climb on.”
“Behind you?”
Rip shook his head with an amused expression. “Really? You’ve never been on a motorcycle before?”
Of course he’d never been on a motorcycle before! Why was he such a nerd?
Gil awkwardly straddled the bike, trying not to kick Rip in the back or head as he mounted.
“I suggest you hang on tight. Real tight. Road rash never did a body good.”
“You’re not wearing a helmet?”
Gil got a laugh for an answer. The night of their class reunion, the rest of the jocks had ribbed Rip about not wearing a helmet, and Gil just thought Rip was trying to look tough in front of them. To live up to his nickname. But apparently not.
Rip kicked the side stand up and hit the Start button. The bike jumped to life with a roar, the vibrations making Gil’s stomach shaky. Hopefully Rip didn’t hear his yelp when the motorcycle shot out of the driveway unexpectedly, almost giving Gil whiplash.
On the two-hour ride to the cabin, Gil found every reason to hold on to Rip tightly. And there was nothing better than being behind Rip, having his hips tight against the larger man’s ass. Well, being naked would’ve been better.
Gil brushed a dead bug off his face shield. On the other hand, being naked on a bike with bugs committing hara-kiri might not be all that hot.
The motorcycle kicked up dust on the long dirt lane through the woods to the cabin. The bike wobbled and bucked a few times, causing Gil’s heart to jump into his throat. But when they came to the clearing where the cabin was, Gil sucked in a breath. This was not a rustic cabin like he’d been expecting. This was a sprawling, ranch-type log home with a long deck overlooking a vast, serene lake.
Rip turned the key and the beast—which is what Gil now thought of the motorcycle as—got quiet.
The football player turned his head slightly. “Anytime now.”
Huh? Oh! Gil unmounted the beast and stood on shaky legs. He groaned as he stretched his cramped muscles.
“Don’t worry. We’ll work out the kinks later.”
Gil sure hoped so. He turned in a slow circle, taking in the lake view, the surrounding woods, the seclusion of it all. It made Gil wonder if this place was an escape for Rip from the public life of being a star football player. A place where Rip didn’t have to live up to the reputation of being the Bad Boy of the NFL.
But as pretty a picture as it was, the cabin and the lake suddenly reminded him of summer camp when he was a young teen. He remembered the teasing he got from the other male campers and how none of the girls had ever been interested in him. It had been his worst summer ever. Four long weeks of living in a rustic, spider-filled cabin and having to use latrines to go to the bathroom in. Latrines as in shit pits. You know, the holes in the ground where excrement piled up like a mountain and every once in a while, someone—he felt sorry for the person who had to do it—would sprinkle lye into the hole. Gil’s nose crinkled as he remembered the gag-inducing smell.
He had come home covered in poison ivy and mosquito bites. And because he refused to take off his shirt when swimming, he had been just as pale at the end of the month as before he went.
To this day, Gil still hadn’t forgiven his parents for sending him there. The next year they had tried to make up for their mistake by sending him to a computer camp. At least there he had been with his own kind.
“Are you just going to stand there all evening?”
Gil glanced at his watch. It was getting late since they’d left the house not long after Gil had come home from work.
His stomach let out a loud growl.
“Hungry, huh?”
Gil nodded his head.
“Luckily I had the caretaker fill the fridge with food. Let’s grab some grub and unpack.”
Unpack? What was there to unpack? Everything he planned on bringing was still back on his lawn at home.
Rip removed the leather saddlebag from the back of his bike and threw it over his shoulder. He dug into his worn-until-almost-white jeans and pulled out a set of keys, plugging one into the door lock.
He disappeared inside.
“Gil! Let’s go!”
Rip’s yell jerked Gil into motion, and he quickly jogged up the couple of steps through the door. Once inside, he turned in place and whistled. “This is definitely not roughing it.” The so-called cabin was bigger than the house he and Katie shared. And the furnishings were way nicer too. No one would want for anything in this high-end getaway.
“Oh, it’ll get rough, don’t you worry.”
Gil gave him a sheepish grin.
Rip peeled off the heavy leather jacket and threw it onto the couch along with the saddlebags. He dropped his ass into a recliner to yank off his boots and socks. He wiggled his toes once they were free.
“Man, that feels good.”
His feet were perfect. Sexy even. Gil had never had a thing for feet before, but he was mesmerized by Rip’s long toes, which practically waved at him.
“Get comfy. Mi casa is su casa.
Rip jumped out of the recliner and strode into a well-equipped kitchen. Gil watched him open the fridge and bend over.
Gil bit back the sigh wanting to escape. The bigger man filled out those jeans like no other.
“Ah. Perfect.” Rip pulled out two bottles of beer and, using the edge of the counter, popped off the caps. He took a long pull from one before offering the other to Gil.
Gil regarded the bottle in Rip’s hand. He was not a beer drinker. Or a drinker of any kind.
But he was here in a secluded cabin with the man of his dreams, his high school crush. Why not live a little?
He took the bottle, his fingers brushing Rip’s, and he tentatively took a sip. He wanted to scrunch his nose when the carbonation hit him. But he manned up and took another sip. The aftertaste was awful.
Rip studied him with laughter in his eyes. “Not a beer drinker?”
Rip took the bottle back. “That’s okay. More for me. What’s your poison?” When Gil hesitated, he continued. “Don’t tell me you don’t drink at all?”
Oh crap. Once again Gil Davis was proving to be a boring nerd. No, this had to change. And this weekend was the perfect opportunity to change it.
“No. I like…” What was a manly drink? “Whiskey.”
“Really?” Rip’s eyebrow shot up. He didn’t believe it.
“Really! I drink whiskey all the time.” Gil was going to hell for lying.
“Well, luckily I have some good whiskey here. You like it on the rocks?”
Gil nodded. Great, now he was going to be drinking whiskey. And he was such a lightweight. He was going to embarrass himself in front of Rip. Not one of his life goals. He frowned.
“Let’s get something in our bellies before you start hitting the bottle and drinking me under the table.”
The fridge was full with fresh homemade foods like pasta salads, fruit, some chicken, and steak. From what Gil saw, it appeared to be more food than they could eat in a weekend.
Rip threw a quick meal together, and they ended up enjoying it out on the deck, watching the sun set at the other end of the lake.
But something was bothering Gil.
“Did you just assume I didn’t have plans for the weekend?”
Rip gave him a direct look. “Did you?”
Gil looked away and blushed. “No.”
Rip shrugged. “If you had plans, would you not have come?”
Of course. He would’ve canceled any plans he had to spend time with Rip. He wasn’t a fool, and anyway, Katie would’ve killed him if he hadn’t come. His best friend was Gil’s self-proclaimed activity director. If it wasn’t for her, Gil would probably never leave the house except for work.
“Tomorrow, we’ll go for a hike up the mountain. There’s a great overlook up there. Even a fire tower where you can see for miles. And if we get a chance, we’ll take the boat out too.”
“Yeah.” Rip pointed down toward the water. “You know that thing tied up to the dock.”
Gil felt the heat rushing to his cheek. He needed to stop asking stupid questions.
“I’m only busting your balls. And speaking of balls…I think it’s time for dessert.”
Gil didn’t think he could eat anymore.
Rip grabbed his waist and pulled Gil into his arms. “I have a craving for something really sweet. Like your ass.”
Gil let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. He was pressed against Rip’s hard chest. Rip lowered his lips until they were just a breath away.
“Put your arms around me.”
Gil slid his arms around Rip’s waist. His hands splayed along the other man’s broad back. He could feel Rip’s muscles shifting under the thin black T-shirt.
“I’m going to kiss you.”
Gil closed his eyes and waited. It felt like it had been forever since he’d kissed Rip last. In reality, it had only been a couple of weeks. But it had been way too long.
He had wanted this man for as long as he could remember. And now that he’d had a taste of him, he couldn’t get enough.
“Open your eyes.”
What? No! That was way too awkward. But as he opened his eyes anyway, Rip took his lips. He just took them, making them his once again. Gil’s mouth opened with a sigh, and Rip took advantage of it, exploring the inside of his mouth, running his tongue over his teeth, tangling their tongues together.
A slight tremor started in Gil’s arms and legs and moved throughout his body. His balls tightened, and his cock responded to the other man’s attention. Rip captured his jaw in his hand and held Gil right where he wanted him.
Long, strong fingers rubbed Gil where his jeans stretched. Gil wasn’t the only one with a raging hard-on. Rip moved his hand around to Gil’s ass, pulling him tight against him. Rip’s hard cock thrust against his. With both of them wearing jeans, Gil moaned impatiently into Rip’s mouth. He needed less of a barrier between them.
Gil’s cock throbbed, and if Rip didn’t stop thrusting against him, he was soon going to have an accident in his jeans. Gil tried to think of other things to keep his control, but he couldn’t. Rip’s tongue continued to assault him, kissing him deeper, harder. And it was difficult to think of anything but that.
Finally, Rip pulled back enough to say, “I’m going to fuck you.”
Yes. Oh yes.
“But first…”
First? No! Gil wanted it now!
Rip grabbed his arm and steered him back into the cabin. He pointed to the master bedroom, saying, “Go in. I’ll be right there.”
Gil concentrated on carefully putting one foot in front of the other instead of skipping all the way to the bedroom.
The room had a king bed with solid wood posts. Gil looked for notches on the bed. He laughed at himself. As if someone would actually notch a bedpost to keep track of their sexual conquests. Even so, Gil wanted to be the only notch.
Rip followed him in carrying the saddle bags. He opened one of the flaps and dumped the contents onto the bed.
Gil’s eyes widened a little as he stared at what was now spread over the bed. It certainly wasn’t any clothes.
Soft-looking rope, thick metal eyebolts, a blindfold, a large box of condoms, a bottle of Astroglide, a large butt plug, nipple clamps, a vibrator.
Gil swallowed and looked at Rip in surprise.
“Why are you still dressed?”
Gil’s Adam’s apple worked up and down a few times before he asked, “You didn’t bring any clothes?”
“I keep clothes here.”
“Um…” Gil looked at the BDSM items on the bed, then gave Rip the side eye. Maybe he shouldn’t have gone away with Rip on such a spur of the moment. He had no way to leave if he wanted to. He wasn’t so sure of these…toys.
As if reading his mind, Rip said, “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. We’ll only do what you’re open to.”
A shiver ran down Gil’s spine. It was a combination of fear of the unknown and excitement of all the naughty stuff he’d never used before. Nor had been used on him.
“Now get undressed and go take a shower. I’ll get things set up in here while you’re doing that.”
Gil cursed his shaky fingers as he peeled off his T-shirt. He fumbled with the snap and zipper on his jeans, but he finally got them down and over his hips until they landed on his boots. He felt like a bumbling goof as he shuffled his way over to the bed, his jeans wrapped around his ankles like hobbles. When he finally got his boots, jeans, and boxers off, he looked up to see Rip watching the whole debacle. Heat crawled along his cheeks. Rip just shook his head, laughed, and went back to sorting through his toys.
Gil hurried to take a shower, and when he came back out, he just wore a towel. He watched while Rip, in only snug boxer briefs, screwed in the last eyebolt into one of the sturdy bedposts. The stretchy fabric clung to his muscular ass and his broad thighs. Gil’s cock twitched under his towel.
Rip finished and straightened up, staring at Gil’s naked chest.
In the past couple of weeks Gil had upped his workouts with weights. Naturally skinny, he struggled to put on any muscle. But even Katie had noticed how much more he’d filled out since the class reunion. And now more than ever, he was glad he had put in the extra effort.
Gil tried to see himself through Rip’s eyes as he took Gil in. His slender but lightly muscular body. A slight dusting of hair over his chest narrowed to a thin line down his belly and disappeared under the towel. His small dark nipples, which were pebbled at the moment due to Rip’s stare.
His short, straight, dark brown hair was the complete opposite of Rip’s golden mane. Gil had a no-nonsense haircut, while Rip’s was wilder with the waves and sun-kissed highlights. Rip’s hair was like a lion’s mane as opposed to Gil’s, which was like…a house cat’s.
“Take off the towel.” Rip’s voice was low, slow, but still commanding.
Gil’s heart pounded as he pulled at the knot and the towel slipped to the floor. Gil was proud he was starting to have his stomach muscles show from all his hard work. His cock was so hard now it stood straight out like a divining rod.
And it was pointing right at Rip.
Gil automatically grabbed the root and squeezed before fisting his cock once. Twice.
“Get on the bed.”
Without releasing himself, Gil moved toward the bed. He climbed up to the headboard.
“Oh no, sweet cheeks. I want you flat out on your stomach.”
A thrill of anticipation shot through Gil as he flipped over and settled on his belly.
“Are you ready for me?” Rip asked him.
Gil nodded and whispered, “Yes.”
“Liar.” The mattress listed as Rip got onto the bed, straddling Gil’s waist. “But I’m going to make sure you’re ready. You are going to be begging me to fuck you deep and hard.”
Rip wrapped soft, silky rope around each wrist and ankle, tying Gil’s hands and feet to each corner bedpost. They weren’t tied down tight, but loose enough that Gil could move…just a little. Even so, Gil was still spread-eagle over the mattress, vulnerable. Excited. Scared.
His stomach flipped a little.
He had never tried bondage before. Everything he’d ever done with another man had been so vanilla.
So very vanilla.
“I would gag you, but I want to hear you beg.”
Rip’s body heat radiated against Gil as the other man hovered over his back, his well-built, broad chest only an inch or two above him.
Rip kissed down Gil’s spine, his lips touching him here and there. Goose bumps broke out from his head to his toes. Rip’s lips were warm and soft along his skin. A tongue, a scrape of teeth. Until he got to Gil’s buttocks.
Rip swirled his tongue in circles over Gil’s heated skin, one cheek, the other, and back.
“Get on your knees.”
Gil was surprised Rip had left enough length in the ropes so he could actually get on his knees, but there was just enough space. The ropes tightened around his ankles as he moved. They prevented him from sitting up on his haunches. His new position had tightened the ropes securing his wrists too.
It was weird. Being tied up, he was forced to trust Rip. The bed shifted behind him, and within seconds Rip was pulling a blindfold over his eyes.
Blind and bound, Gil’s body started to tremble, his stomach did another flip, his breathing shallowed.
Rip pressed his mouth to Gil’s ear. “Relax.”
Gil forced a deep breath. He needed to take Rip’s advice and calm down. There was no reason to freak out. None at all…
Rip ran his hands down Gil’s sides, over his ribs, over his hips, then separated his ass cheeks.
“Look at that pretty asshole. It’s like a rose that’s about to bloom.”
Something warm and wet touched him back there. Gil jerked against the ropes before he could stop himself.
Gil relaxed when he realized what it was. Rip’s tongue. He drew circles around his rim, over and over.
Oh God. No one had ever done this to him before. He wasn’t sure… No, he didn’t know…
Oh God. That felt…awesome. How had this never been done to him before? How had he missed out on this?
Why wasn’t there a Being Gay for Dummies book?
He whimpered as Rip sucked and licked around his anus, dipping his tongue in and out of him. Gil tilted his hips more, wanting more. Needing more. He blew out a breath.
Rip licked and fucked him with his tongue until Gil was rock hard, his balls tight. The harder and longer he worked Gil with his mouth, the more desperate Gil was to have Rip fuck him hard, fast, and deep.
But oh, oh, oh, this felt so good. He never wanted it to stop either.
Gil’s tangled his fingers in the sheets, the soft ropes around his wrists taut. Rip’s tongue flicking and stroking until…
No. No, he was going to come. His cock stiffened even more. No one was even touching it. Rip was busy behind him. Gil’s hands were tied. Impossible. It couldn’t be.
Gil tensed and cried out as the climax hit him. He lost it all over the sheets.
Never, ever had that happened to him before. Not even during the wildest fantasies he’d had.
“You liked that, huh?”
“Oh fuck yes!” Gil surprised himself by using the f-word. He tried not to curse very much. But that had been oh so worth the f-bomb.
Rip smacked his ass, and Gil yipped in surprise. Then he bit his own lip for crying out like a girl. But being blindfolded and ass up, he hadn’t known it was coming.
“I like your ass pink like that.” Rip smacked him again, but Gil was prepared this time and the sting made him groan. Rip smoothed his palm over the heated skin.
“Are you ready for me now?”
“Yes,” Gil hissed. He’d been ready for the past five minutes. Though, he wasn’t even sure Rip had been eating his ass for five minutes. He had lost track of time. No matter what, it hadn’t been long enough.
The snap of the lube cap was unmistakable, and cool fluid dripped over his open and ready hole. Foil tore and more lube was squeezed. Then he felt it.
Rip’s swollen head, covered in lube and latex, was at his backdoor knocking to come in.
“Look how ripe and ready you are. You had one orgasm more than me. I need to remedy that. I want to come deep inside you.”
The tip of Rip’s cock brushed against his now ultrasensitive entrance. Gil tried to push back, to get him to break the plane, but he was hampered by the ropes.
“I didn’t hear you beg yet.”
“Fuck me,” Gil ground out between clenched teeth.
“C’mon, baby. You can do better than that.”
Rip’s cock was pressed against his slick hole. Right there. Ready to take him. But he didn’t. He didn’t! He was waiting for Gil to beg.
“Please! Please! Fuck me now!”
Rip pushed harder against him, his fingers digging into the flesh of Gil’s hips, holding him tight, still, until he broke the surface. The crown of Rip’s head pushed past the rim of Gil’s entrance.
A sound escaped them both. Gil, a sigh. Rip, a grunt and a curse.
Rip stilled. “You are still so tight. Fuck. That’s feels…”
So good, Gil finished for him.
Rip was seated so deep inside him, filling him. Gil shifted his hips.
“Oh, you want to take control?” Rip asked through gritted teeth.
Rip would never let him take control. Never. Forget control, Gil just wanted Rip to fuck him thoroughly.
Rip pulled back, then thrust slowly in. All the way until his soft sac was pressed against Gil’s. Gil’s mouth went slack as the head of Rip’s cock brushed against his prostate. Over and over.
“Your ass was made for my cock, Gil.” Rip thrust hard against him. “You were made for me.” He smacked Gil’s ass with the next thrust. “Your ass is mine.”
“Yes,” Gil gasped. “It’s yours. Take it.”
“You’re mine.”
Rip adjusted his grip on Gil’s ass, pumping deeper, harder, faster. The pressure on Gil’s prostate increased, and the blood flowed into his cock again. No way, not that soon.
Unbelievably, his cock was hard again. He’d never recovered that fast, even as a teen. The pounding against his ass, the slap of Rip’s hips against his skin seemed louder since he’d lost his sense of sight. He felt every movement; he heard every ragged breath, every moan, every groan. Oh God. He wanted to come again, but he couldn’t touch himself!
Gil jerked against the ropes, frustrated.
“Touch me,” Gil pleaded. “Please.”
Rip’s rhythm hiccupped as he reached around Gil to take him into his grasp. Rip’s fingers worked him, pulled him, squeezed him.
“I want you to come when I come.”
Gil’s eyes rolled back and fluttered against the blindfold as Rip stroked and pulled and grunted against Gil’s back when he quickened his pace. Rip’s breathing was hot along his skin as he fucked him relentlessly with his hand, with his cock, until Gil tensed. His muscles squeezed Rip tight, deep within him.
“Fuck, I’m going to come.”
Me too. Me too!
Gil jerked forward as he came once again, his cock throbbing until Rip milked out the last drop. Rip’s fingers spasmed against him as he cried out and tensed. Rip’s cock throbbed deep inside his canal as he released.
Gil wanted to collapse; he wanted to take his dream lover in his arms and snuggle for the rest of the night.
“Don’t move,” Rip said. The blindfold was pulled off his head. “You’ve made a mess.”
Gil looked at the sheets under him. Yes, he’d made a mess. And it was glorious!
As Rip untied the ropes, Gil realized he could now say he is no longer vanilla. Nope. Not at all. He’d just experienced what he’d been missing.

About the author:

JEANNE ST. JAMES is an erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only 13 started writing when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages.
She has a few new releases coming up in 2017. So keep an eye on her website at or sign up for her newsletter.

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