Saturday, January 7, 2017


The second book in The A'rouk Brother series.

He had found her, his mate. He never understood when Mick almost went ballistic the minute he saw Jaz, but now he understood. There was a part of him that wanted to tackle her, hold her and never let her go. He might have been that crazy with happiness and fear if she wasn’t dying. He could see her systems shutting down.

She was looking at him with big hazel eyes as he stretched his hand out towards her. Her body flinched fear warring with wonder in her eyes as she looked at him.

“I told you my name,” he whispered. “You never told me yours.”

She ducked when he started talking and placed her hands around herself as if she expected the sound of his voice to hurt.

“River, my name is River. I…” her voice wavered before going silent. She stuck her tongue out and licked her lips slowly turning her head looking for an escape route.

“You what?”

“I had an accident.”

He nodded his head. “You what? Threw yourself on that boulder and when you didn’t kill yourself you crawled off?”

She shut down on him. Her shoulders came up in her defense, and her hands began to push her body back painfully.

He sucked in a big breath of air calming himself down. “Accept my apology River; that was uncalled for.”

She nodded but still wasn’t meeting his eyes.

He took another deep breath to control the murderous feelings going through his body. This was no accident, someone had tried to kill her. He’d know more once he convinced her to allow him to do an exam. Whatever happened she was in danger, and it was his responsibility, his duty, hell his joy to protect her.

“River,” his hand slid slowly into the pocket of his jeans. “This is my scanner.” He pulled it out and showed it to her. “With this, I can get a good idea of what’s happening internally, and then I’ll know how to fix it.”

“You want to help me?” She didn’t mean to sound doubtful, but she couldn’t remember the last time someone actively offered her help, and it was only hours since someone tried to kill her.

“That’s what I do. I help people.” Did he need to tell her he also killed people? That whoever had the audacity to place his hands on her would pay. Was he obligated to tell her that he wanted to take care of her for the rest of his life? Should he say that it was The Created way? It was so much more than that it was his way. The healer in him was wrestling with the male when it came to her. Maybe he should simply smile. 

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