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Guest Author: Michele Zurlo ~ Her New Release: Yes, Justin

Oasis: Adult Fantasy Fulfillment

Think about what you want more than anything in the world. It isn’t out of reach. Oasis is an adult fantasy fulfillment service that specializes in making your dreams come true. Anything from a weekend getaway with someone you love to an erotic encounter with a stranger -- or strangers -- can happen. Call us today and make your fantasy a reality.

*Oasis reserves the right to reject any application for any reason. Oasis is not an escort service. We match people on the basis of their fantasies and arrange for those fantasies to be fulfilled. Fantasies are fulfilled at the discretion of management.

Oasis is an adult fantasy fulfillment service. The Safe Word: Oasis series consists of novellas. In this series, people make wishes about what they want most in the world, and Oasis delivers. A little bit magical and a lot intuitive, it fulfills each wish in the way the wish-maker most needs. The first three novels in this new BDSM series, Safe Word: Oasis, have been contracted by Loose Id. The first, Yes, Justin, comes out today. It’s about a woman who is tired of her lackluster marriage. She wishes for a weekend with a Dom who will do all the things she’s never asked her husband to do. In this excerpt, she finds out that Oasis didn’t quite set her up with a stranger.

Excerpt from Yes, Justin

The light turned green, and the SUV turned the corner and disappeared. Patricia’s shoulders drooped, an outward sign of her nervousness and disappointment.

Suddenly, the world went black. A hand clamped over her mouth to muffle her impending shriek. Her heart beat fast, but she willed her body to calm down. This was what she wanted. She had asked to be kidnapped by a dominant stranger. He was going to spend the weekend using her body for his pleasure.

The paperwork she had filled out specified the kinds of things to which she consented: kidnapping, bondage, spankings, and a whole host of sexual things she had always wanted to try. These were things she had been too ashamed to share with Justin. Even if he still cared for her sexually, he wouldn’t understand this side of her desire.

“Patricia?” The gruff voice sent shivers down her spine. His chest pressed against her back. He was roughly the same size and build as Justin, just as she had specified in her application.

His hand remained over her mouth. Wordlessly, she nodded. Her head didn’t move all that much, but she knew he felt the motion of her confirmation.

“I’m going to release you. Don’t turn around or move until I tell you to do so. Do you understand?” He whispered the words in a sexy, husky voice.

A thrill ran from her belly to her pussy. She craved this kind of danger. She nodded again. He removed his hands.

Light flooded her eyes, blinding her to the empty road in front. She took a deep breath through her mouth, and the darkness returned. This time, a silky blindfold pressed against her forehead and cheeks. He adjusted the elastic strap behind her head.

“Can you see?”

Patricia shook her head. No light peeked in from any point. The swatch of silk hugged the curves of her cheeks and molded to the bridge of her nose.

“I’m going to guide you to the car. Follow my directions exactly. From this point forward, you are slave, and I am Sir. The safe word is ‘oasis.’ Do you understand?” He spoke this directive in a gravelly whisper, telling her things she already knew. She had chosen the safe word and the terms by which they would be known. He had obviously studied the paperwork.

She wondered if he would ever use his real voice. The force and strength weren’t disguised, but she still wanted to hear what he really sounded like. “Yes.”

“Yes?” Now he growled.

It did the trick. “Yes, Sir.”

Without using more words than necessary, he guided her to the car and helped her inside. Strong hands aided her in securing the seat belt. He leaned across her, and Patricia inhaled his clean scent, looking for any clue that might tell her something about her mystery man. From the few times he’d brushed lightly against her, she knew she liked his build, but she wasn’t able to discern anything more.

The door closed, blocking out the distant sounds of traffic. The opposite door opened, then closed. Patricia listened to the small noises that indicated his movements as he latched his seat belt and started the car.

Silence filled the SUV. No music played on the radio to distract her from thoughts about what might happen in the next few hours. Minutes stretched. The dull sounds of other cars faded, and she guessed they were heading out of the city.

She hoped to God he wasn’t going to murder her and dump the body. Oasis promised thorough background checks. They had certainly checked out every aspect of her background.

Nothing about this man seemed overly dangerous or threatening. Though his voice had been gruff and low, he didn’t sound cruel, and he had been gentle and courteous as he loaded her into the car. She wished she could see his eyes. The eyes revealed so much of a person’s soul, and Patricia had always found herself attracted to eyes. Her husband had gentle blue eyes. She used to get wet just looking into his expressive baby blues. How long had it been since she had taken the time to actually look at him?

“Take off your shoes and socks.”

The directive, like the ride, was quiet and controlled. This man exuded strength, which she liked. However, her panties remained dry. Her body didn’t respond the same way as the myriad heroines in her favorite erotic novels. So far, the experience interested her. Except for that first moment, no sense of excitement had rushed through her veins. She had thought waiting would increase her sense of anticipation, but she found waiting while blindfolded to be highly overrated as a method of increasing anything other than her frustration and impatience.

Patricia toed off one sneaker and then the other. She peeled away the plain white ankle socks.

She wiggled her toes against the floor mat. It was clean, scratching gently at the bottoms of her feet.

“Good girl. Lose the jeans.”

Patricia hesitated. “We’re in public.”

“No talking, slave. Remove your jeans or you will be punished.”

She knew they were well outside of the city limits. She knew the countryside boasted very little population. The chance of anyone seeing her was slim to none. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to unbutton her jeans. Nobody but Justin had seen her naked in more years than she could remember. She wasn’t young and svelte anymore. Two pregnancies and the passage of years had left their marks.

More than that, Patricia wanted Justin. This fantasy was doomed from the start because Justin was the only man she wanted to see her naked, to touch her, to kiss her. She couldn’t do this. The fantasy had sounded so wonderful on paper. Oasis promised the fulfillment of her deepest desires -- but her deepest desires involved her husband.

Tears soaked the back of the blindfold, pressing hot against her eyelids. “I can’t do this.”

Silence greeted her declaration. This fantasy belonged to him as much as it belonged to her. Patricia’s heart beat faster. What if he didn’t let her out of her agreement?

“Please take me back. I can’t do this.” She choked on the words and begged with every fiber of her being.

“No one is around, slave. No one will see you but me.”

There was something in his throaty whisper, something familiar that reminded her too much of Justin. Her heart broke as the reality of what she was doing crashed into her consciousness. She was cheating on Justin. She was cheating on the man to whom she had pledged her fidelity and love. Her tears came faster.

“Oasis. I can’t do this. I’m married. I love my husband. This was a mistake, a huge mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking.” She didn’t care that he heard her sobs.

The car slowed, and Patricia breathed a sigh of relief as she anticipated the U-turn that would take her home. She could be back before Justin ever knew she was gone.

Gravel crunched under the tires as the car stopped. Patricia yanked away the blindfold. It wasn’t that she wanted to see this mystery man as much as that she wanted to apologize for ruining his fantasy.

She turned to him and gasped. Unreadable blue eyes stared at her. Tiny, familiar laugh lines edged them, though no smile lit his face. His lips were drawn tight against his teeth in an almost grimace. Several expressions -- anger, hurt, determination -- suggested themselves, but nothing definite manifested.



Humiliation and shame fought to be her dominant emotion. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know why I did this.” She reached for her socks.

“Leave them.”

Yes, Justin is available right now from Loose Id. Here’s the buy link:

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