Wednesday, November 2, 2011

20th Anniversary... china, cups, plates...hmmmm?

Today my Dearest Hubby and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. This is supposed to be a milestone event so I looked online for a few tips on celebrating and gifs. This is what I found:


20th Anniversary Traditional Gifts: China is the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary, as it is meant to symbolize the beauty, elegance and delicate nature of your love for one another over a period of the past twenty years.

20th Anniversary Modern or Contemporary Gifts: Platinum is the modern or contemporary choice for a 20th year wedding anniversary gift because it is strong and enduring in many of the same ways as your twenty year old marriage.

20th Anniversary Gemstone: The emerald is the traditional gemstone for celebrating the 20th year wedding anniversary, though yellow or golden diamonds are another available option.

20th Anniversary Color: The colors traditionally associated with the 20th year wedding anniversary are both emerald green and white.

20th Anniversary Flower: The flower normally associated with the 20th year wedding anniversary is the day lily. The meaning normally associated with the day lily is that of coquetry, including playful behavior toward your spouse and flirting.

Things to do:

Plan an exotic trip. (With what? Our good looks?)

Plan around a Chinese theme. (China being the traditional gift...I get it.)

A private dinner at home. (Yeah right... we have three kids involved in too many activities.)

Go to a concert or a movie. (Possibility.)

In all reality, DH is a pilot so I've been to many romantic places around the world and he bough me emeralds from one of them.  We've had private dinners at home, so it's not a big thing.  Concerts/movies... not much fun w/out the boys. 


1. Tell him to pick up some flowers...lilies like the ones my bridesmaids carried.

2. Make arrangements for transporting kids.

3. Shave my legs.

4. Go to Red Lobster and get flirty over dinner.

5. Stop at Lover’s Lane.

6. Come home, tuck kids in bed.

7. Put on a China/Geisha Girl costume.

8. Play a sexy game and get some use out of that Sexy Coupon Book he gave me last year for our anniversary.


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Author with her husband on their wedding day.

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Gem Sivad said...

Happy anniversary, Mary. Hope you and your husband have a fabulous night out together!

Savanna Kougar said...

Happy Twentieth... might as well make it very special!

Kayelle Allen said...

Happy anniversary, Mary! That's quite a milestone. Next month, hubby and I celebrate our 38th. Who says love doesn't last? I believe romance lives forever. ^_^

Mary Quast said...

Thanks! Happy early Anniversary, Kayelle!