Thursday, May 12, 2011

THURSDAY 13: Cleaning and purging

My purse fell off the counter this morning and most of its contents spilled out onto the floor. Rather than just shove everything back in, I took the opportunity to clean and purge. Something I rarely do (in my purse or my house LOL).

Here are 13 somewhat unusual things I found in there:

1. A Hilton hotel key card. From a writer's conference last October.

2. A sewing kit.

3. A coffee punch card...from an espresso stand I used to frequent when I lived in another state... Nine years ago.

4. A Costco membership card I thought I lost last year. And subsequently replaced.

5. A paystub from 6 months ago.

6. A $20 bill I'd hidden for emergency purposes, and totally forgot was there.

7. A handful of faded receipts from Starbucks.

8. A Tide stain-remover pen

9. Expired breath drops. From 2008.

10. A VISA card that expired last year.

11. A SEARS credit card that I didn't even realize we had an account for.

12. A squished mini Almond Joy. (it still feels fresh, so I'll probably eat it...)

13. This guy. Okay, he's not really in my purse. But if he was, I'd eat him, too...

What's the weirdest thing you have in your purse?

Becca Simone isn't a better housekeeper than purse-keeper, but she keeps hoping if she cleans and declutters enough, she'll discover something like #13 hanging around. Learn more about Becca's writing at her website.

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