Thursday, May 5, 2011

13 Things that Could Happen If I Win the Lottery

Big Money!
I decided to do a little dreaming
about becoming rich overnight,
and here are some things that
came to mind.

  1. Retire my husband if he wants to quit working.
  2. We could move into a fully furnished home of our own and no longer live with friends. Much as we love them, we'd like to be on our own -- and I'm sure they'd like it too. It'd be fun to give them the funds to fix up the house the way they've always wanted to, as a thank you for allowing us to live with them for so long.
  3. Buy a new car - something economical and dependable. One for me, one for hubby. Mine would be the brightest, purest yellow I can find. His probably would be white or silver.
  4. Make out a new will, and ensure family members and certain charities receive trusts, and that the government gets as little as possible. (No offense, Uncle Sam.)
  5. Divvy up the money so that hubby has mad money if he wants it. He's sacrificed for years, and I'd like him to enjoy himself the way he wants to.
  6. Pay off my children's car notes or buy them new cars of their choice.
  7. Make sure my children are secure in their homes.
  8. Put aside money for my grandchildren to attend college.
  9. If hubby wanted another degree, he could afford to earn it and take his time. I could also pay for my children to go back to school. I'd take classes that interest me, especially writing classes.
  10. Set up a retirement account so hubby and I don't have to worry about where we'll live when we're older.
  11. Invest in new computer equipment, software, and furniture for hubby and me, so we could be comfortable while we're online. For me - that's most of the day!
Luc Saint-Cyr

12. Hire a professional photographer and have them do photos for me. I'd want pix of Jimmy Thomas because... well, dayum. Who wouldn't want pix of Jimmy Thomas? That's him on the cover of Mary Quasts book to the right - Handcuffs & Silk. *sigh* And I'd have the photographer use models who resemble the characters in my books. Especially ones of the gorgeous Luc. 
13. Hire a personal assistant who'd manage my household staff (maid, chef, trainer), and another person to oversee my accounts, deal with my agent, and contracts so I can focus on writing.

What would you do if you suddenly become staggeringly and independently wealthy?


Alex Sinclair said...

Great blog! You have me thinking now... I would give most of the money to my family and what was left I would go on a round the world trip.

Cara Bristol said...

It's so much fun to deam like this, although sometimes hubby and I actually ARGUE over what we would do with the money if we won a big lottery. I personally would continue doing what I'm doing, only I would do it a bigger way!

Kayelle Allen said...

My mother used to say about wishing that if you were going to wish for a loaf of bread, you might as well wish for the entire store. ;) In other words, wish big.

I think I'd be pretty much the same, and I'd want to help others. I'd feel guilty all tricked out in expensive clothes when there are kids going hungry all over the world. I'd just like to not worry about when I'll eat next either. Cool comments, ya'll.

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay... right now, I would...

Stock up on every supplement, herb, super green foods powder, I could find to purchase.

Stock up on every kind of organic and good food I could find.

Buy a Berkey, build a well, or set up a pipe line,purifying system from my pond.

Build a spacious, livable underground Earth home, and make other improvements to the house.

Become totally energy self-sufficient with solar, wind, etc., and including a wood cooking stove.

I would purchase all the heirloom seeds I could, then store and plant gardens.

I would likely get a few chickens, and a couple of horses, and, of course, build whatever shelters they need.

I would more securely fence our place, or consider moving to a safer place.

I would improve my computer, electronics and harden them against EMP.

I would get an alcohol still, and convert all the engines over to using alcohol or water... currently doable.

I would find old good-working cars, trucks with little or no electronics.

I would use funds to create a community where we could all band together, and learn the basics of crafting, like at a Renn festival.

I would stock up on fabrics, etc, and get sewing supplies.