Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nude (not naked) men

I've heard artists claim that the female form is a better starting point for pure art, but I like the male form just fine. In fine art, too. But I got sick of comparing my heroes to David or Adonis, so the next time I wax artistic about a hero, I'm slipping in references to

Nicholas Guy Brenet's Sleeping Endymion

Jacques Louis David's Patroclus

John Singer Sargent's Thomas E. McKellar

... or I might just refer folks here: penis art FTW.


An Open Book said...

In my mind, the difference is called art...nude has a classy sound, view and sight to it...naked is usually all sexual

Savanna Kougar said...

Impressive art, and a beautiful study of the male form. I have referred to Adonis... but then, a lot of the art isn't all that whoopee when it comes to a man's genitalia... so, I go with other descriptions that please me and my heroine much more.

J. Jordana said...

I love seeing the female form depicted by artists. Both the female and the male form.

The other site? Is a riot! I will be blogging about this on my own blog! Thanks so much for the heads up! This is fabulous!