Saturday, June 25, 2011

True Blood, the lollipop game

It's good to have a hobby. Mine stands 'round 6'4'', looks like a Viking, and is one nasty beast. Yes, I'm gearing up for the new season of True Blood next week. And because it's never a good idea to mix booze and superhuman bloodsucking carnivores, I present:

True Blood: The Lollipop Game.

(Note: You will need a val-u-pack haul of lollipops or other lickables.)

1 lick every time Beel gets all huffy about something.
1 good long suck every time Jason mentions his sexual prowess
2 licks every time Sam flashes his pretty pretty naked ass
1 nibble every time Sookie remembers to close her mouth between lines (don't worry, little lollipop, this is rare)
put the whole damn lollipop in your mouth every time Eric looses one of those melt-mah-butter lines. You know the ones I'm talking about.
1 lick every time somebody mispronounces "vampire" as "vampar"
1 sharp bite off the side every time Lafayette refers to himself (or someone else) as a bitch
1 swirl-tongue action all around the edge every time somebody flashes nipple

This game is best played in company.


An Open Book said...

Hmmm... never heard of this particular game, but love the thought of lickables
Dawne P

Savanna Kougar said...

I'm with Dawne... lickables and sexy vamps who are lickable... so too bad TV is a bust where I am.