Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Honey, I got you a little something...

Warning: Not Work Safe. Images may cause internal combustion if observed at full size. But trust me, it's worth it. *insert goo-goo-eyed smilie here*

Most married women and probably girlfriends have bought clothes for the man in their lives. Even underwear. But have you ever bought him sexy stuff?

Ah, I see I'm preaching to the choir, here. ;) In the interest of helping my fellow sisters find some good things to buy, I thought I'd share a few ... interesting items worthy of purchase. ;)

If you go to the blog of The Men's Underwear Guy, you can find all sorts of neat things. He provides links to good sites where you can buy real-man clothing (you know, not fancy, but serviceable and comfortable). He also has a section for more erotic choices. This chain mail jock grabbed my attention at once. It's put together with rubber rings so that the entire thing has a bit of a stretch. He suggests you size it a bit bigger for the waist, since that seems to be tight. If your man might overfill *cough* the pouch in front, then he suggests buying a size up.

This hot-looking item has a peculiar way of fastening. Check out the front and rear view (literally) on the NuWear site itself to see how. It's worth the trip. ^_^


I couldn't leave out Priape, which carries highly erotic wear for men. In fact, the store is geared toward gay men, so if you like slash or m/m visit their Facebook page by clicking the company name above. Their photo section is H-O-T! The ad shown here definitely inspired some hot scenes!

Last but by no means least (except in modesty perhaps) is a hot property called CockSox. Click the name to visit their site. Imagine a set of colorful prints and styles of these beautiful items for your guy. Would he wear it outside? At the pool? To work under his clothes? Or would he not make it out of the bedroom because you couldn't keep your hands off him?

Here's a front view (for shopping comparison only, of course). *ahem*

Don't forget, clicking on the pix lets you see them in a larger size. But by all means visit the companies' websites to see the full line of underwear, swimwear, and much more.


Cherylnne said...

Hot Damn,

I got to get me one of those "men" for me. *drooling*


Savanna Kougar said...

Whoa, Nellie!!! I'll have to link up to some of them store even if I ain't got me a man to buy for.

Mary Quast said...

So I had to look at the photos a few times, then read the post. Wowza! Yep...I'm inspired.

Kayelle Allen said...

I have a bookmark folder called characters where I keep links like the ones here. When I need inspiration or want to do some hot scenes, I visit those sites. Amazing how a catalog can inspire. ;o