Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Dragon's Mate

Book One


Kisame was an explorer fighting to explore The Interior, a part of their world that was off limits. This was where the last war happened; it destroyed their lives and their past. She wanted to understand what happened there. She was taught like everyone else it was aliens that came to their planet, although she never believed that history. Finally, she was going to be allowed to explore the forbidden.

Rilan was in hibernation. One day he was the ruler of the most powerful empire on Terra, now he was asleep. A presence he never felt before touched something deep within him waking him up. The pain and anguish he felt waking to an empty world held him in its grip, until he saw her.

Kisame realizes she walked into a conspiracy older than the war that had been fought. Rilan realized that his people were suppressing and denying their ability to shift into their dragon forms. A battle would be fought, but it would begin with them learning that there was no future unless the two of them allowed love to bring them together.

This time there may be another war brewing. If so, it meant death for all and not just the dragon shifters.

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     She knew better than to touch something like this. Her father’s word about a mysterious disease rang through her head even as her hand hovered over one of the silver-green squares that she was drawn to. She laid her hand on one, the feeling of coolness tingled through her fingers. Scales, these had to be honest to goodness scales. Who made a tapestry with them? What kind of scales were they?

She could feel the thickness, but they were also smooth. She imagined the ocean caressing them every day for years to be this smooth. A sense of giddiness went through her as she began to caress the green scales. She never noticed that she never touched a different color. She could spend the rest of her life researching with joy what kind of animal belonged to these scales. Wait until she brought it back. Her father would be forced to acknowledge her. Dreams of prestige and her father’s love gathered in her head while she continued to caress the scales. She missed the heat and the first pulse as if the tapestry was coming alive.

“What the hell,” she murmured as the heat continued to grow under her hands. The tapestry moved as if it was breathing. She stumbled a few feet backward just barely remaining standing when the tapestry came to life. A form she had never seen before burst through it.

It tossed her backward this time she ended up on her behind. Out came a dragon. She shook her head not a dragon, they didn’t exist. The correct term for this dragon was a wyvern, not that dragons existed. His scales were green with hints of silver at the tips. They shimmered in the fast receding light of day. It coiled its body before coming at her. 

Kisame crabbed walked back using her feet and hands trying desperately to put space between them. It caught up with her hovering over her while she stopped. Fear tried to clog her lungs making the air she had rattle around for space to exhale. The large body lowered caressing her from knee to breast.
“Omg, it wants to sleep with me.” Her words came out in a rush as tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. She was about to become the incubator for little dragon children that would tear her apart and eat her after being born.

There was male laughter in the room. She wanted to turn her head to find it, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the wyvern in front of her.

“You are funny mate.”


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