Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cailin's Tuesday Tease for June - Educated by the Master

For the June Tuesday Tease, I bring you a taste of Master Trey from Educated by the Master. This novella will be part of the next SFR Shooting Stars sci-fi romance anthology coming this fall. It’s also the prequel to Master Trey’s full length novel (yet to be written) in the Sons of Tallav series. I’m currently writing Rand. Trey is next in line especially now that I’ve written his prequel.

It hadn’t occurred to Trey that LS Quantum and Beta Tau were two sides of the same coin. Sure, LS Quantum was a spaceship, and Beta Tau was a planet. But in every other respect they were the same large, climate controlled settings designed to provide trendsetting pleasure venues to paying customers and entertainment for all ages and palates, including his own kinky tastes.

The insight came when a middle-aged woman eased alongside him, brushing her shoulder against his and asking where his cabin was located on the ship. Her skimpy halter, skin tight slacks, and the bright pink hair she was sporting did nothing to enhance her appeal. This was Beta Tau all over. The glare he aimed at her didn’t force her to step back. Good gods! I’d be at Quantum’s shuttle service gate if Patsy O’Shaughnessy hadn’t insisted on meeting me here.  He scanned the customers of the bland space station lounge. No. Still on my own.

An expert at fending off tourists on Beta Tau, he’d offer to take them to the club, tie them up, and use a bullwhip on them. Most scurried away. He handed anyone who accepted his proposition over to staff at the club. Bondage was part of his personal kink, but he preferred to use a flogger. The whip was the specialty of the Whip Hand’s owner, Randolph Meryon, Trey’s boss.

The neon-haired tourist ran a finger down his upper arm. “Maybe we could get together on board? I’ve heard bald men are really good in bed.”

When he dropped his gaze to where she’d touched him, the woman tittered. Eyes narrowed, he leveled his full focus on her. “Sure. If you’re into knife play, I might be able accommodate you. I’d have to ask my girlfriend. She’s the one who does the cutting.” He followed his words with a feral grin.

The Sons of Tallav series is available at eBook retailers, but you can buy each book for a $2 discount from the publisher, Loose Id.

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