Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday 13 - Bedroom Boredom Busters

1.     Learn more about aphrodisiacs.

2.     Give your love a sensual massage.

3.     Buy a few love making technique books and read them together.

4.     Compliment your honey on how they look and while making love.

5.     Do a strip dance for your big daddy.

6.     Spend a day teasing your partner.

7.     Make love somewhere other than in your home.

8.     Experiment with different types of kisses.

9.     When casanova comes home, take control and make love to him right when he walks in the door.

10.  Share a bottle of champagne while laying on blanket in your backyard looking at the stars.

11.  Take a bath or shower together and slowly wash your partner.

12.  Leave hidden sensually, teasing notes where only your sweetcakes will find them.

13.  Experiment with food during foreplay.

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