Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Now who would have thought that something as simple as food could increase or decrease the benefits of sex?
            What foods get the female hormones going?
The 3 C’s - Caffeine, Calcium, and Chocolate:
Caffeine: Even a small caffeine buzz can help increase blood flow to the genitals, making nerve endings easy to access and stimulate.

Calcium: is also known to increase blood flow in the body especially for women.

Chocolate: this sweet has a ton of chemicals that can help lighten your mood – including anadamine, and phenylethylamine, which help produce an amazing euphoric feeling.

 For a bonus, ladies, add Cranberry Juice to your must have list.  Cranberry Juice is a life saver can really help keep your sex life safe. Twenty percent of women suffer from urinary tract infections in the world today. Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria from sex being pushed up into the bladder, and can further cause kidney infections. You can rid yourself of this risk though, by drinking half a cup of (unsweetened) cranberry juice each day. Researchers have proven that cranberry juice can help prevent the risk of urinary tract infections by thirty four percent.


Savanna Kougar said...

Love the info.

You can also take cranberry capsules if you can't down unsweetened cranberry juice.

Kayelle Allen said...

Wow. I can't get past the picture. That is amazing. If there's info in this article I'm sure I'll get to it eventually, but ... wow. Love that first picture!