Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires

Peter was an assertive man, in complete control of his life and work. But in his closest relationships he was a natural submissive, and he had been searching for a dominant partner for as long as he could remember. Dissatisfied with his relationships, he had sought the services of a professional Mistress. Lisa enjoyed her work as a sadistic Dominatrix, exploiting his masochism and they soon became good friends. It seemed as if he had everything he needed, and his search was over. Then he met Suzy and fell in love with her, they were brought together by a quirk of fate. She had her own agenda, but there was something unspoken, something below the surface that drew them together, but would she love him? and if she did, would he be able to live a life denying his need to be dominated? 

Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires is out now from House of Erotica.
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He kissed her mound of Venus and using his tongue with a feather light touch, he slowly traced the line between her outer lips from the tip of her vulva all the way down the length of her labia. Then slowly he moved his tongue up and down, caressing the outer lips, he gently began prising the lips apart as if he were trying to open the sensitive petals of a delicate flower. She whimpered softly as he gained that intimate access, and drank from the juices of her passion, and like a cat lapping up cream, he was scooping up her precious nectar, burrowing his tongue deeper inside her and along the moist furrow of her sensitive channel.

She groaned and shuddered again as his tongue continued its sensual and meticulous exploration of her inner lips, he could feel the tiny spasms in the side walls of her cunt gripping his tongue as he was coaxing them apart, and as he probed deeper, sending her into spasms of ecstasy, he guided his tongue along the full extent of her labia, but every time he was within reach of her clitoris he would stop and continue his delightful teasing. Her heart was pounding and her heavy breathing was interspersed with sighs and groans of pleasure as he continued down until he had almost reached her anus. With his hands beneath her he gently prised her cheeks open. She shrieked and gasped as he moved his tongue and began rimming her sphincter.

The tension was becoming unbearable, she cried out shaking her head from side to side, desperate for that touch that would take her over the edge and give her the orgasm she desperately needed. She needed him to reach her nubbin, she was aching for him to take it between his lips and suck it hard, the way she wanted to suck his cock, and she was becoming frantic with lust.

Her sighs and groans were accompanied by a desperate writhing, as she fought against her natural instinct to grab him by the hair, and pull him forcefully into the core of her lust to assuage her craving, but she resisted the urge and struggled with the rapturous intensity of his slow and deliberate teasing. Again he moved his tongue along the full length of her, sucking and drinking her juices, and as he moved higher, his top lip brushed against the exposed tip of her clitoris, and she cried out in ecstasy.

By now her libido was in overdrive, her secret, hidden fantasies were coming alive, her imagination was running riot, making them more intricate. She felt as if she were outside of her body watching him surrendering to her, taking her pleasure from him as he gave himself to her, and as she exploited him with her thoughts, she cried out and she could feel her body trembling involuntarily, under the excruciating torment and tension that was building up within her...