Monday, February 13, 2012

Excerpt Monday - Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts by Mary Quast

Striking a pose left her breathless.  A red ribbon wrapped around his black top hat, resting at an angle over his right eye.  The shoulders of his tuxedo coat accented his broad shoulders.  The coat opened to reveal a red vest, blue bow tie and black shirt.  Josh stood with his feet wide apart, black tails of his coat hung behind legs clad in black.  He wore fingerless red and black gloves with one hand resting on a carved rabbit head on his white cane.  His other hand was fisted at his side with tension.

Lifting her eyes back to his face, Josh's eyes bore into her soul with need and desire.  His jaw was taunt, until his lips slowly slide into a sexy smile.

When Josh spotted Jenny standing next to Tracie he saw the flush in her face and enjoyed the moment of watching her eyes travel across his body.  He imagined feeling her eyes and fingers on his body without clothing.  Taking a moment to admire his Queen of Hearts, she was incredibly sexy. 

Black leather boots fit tight up to her knees.  Her risqué gown was black velvet, trimmed in white satin with red hearts on her bodice.  The long part of the gown was open in the front along with the skirt hiding what most desperately wanted in the shadows of the material.  Jenny's hair was pulled back tight with a crown of crystals upon her head.  She wore makeup and red lipstick fit for the queen.  Resting her weight on one leg, holding a glass of champagne in one hand, she looked like true royalty.

His, yes, tonight and forever, she would be his. 

With determined strides he crossed the room; his eyes never leaving hers.  Josh noticed her lips part.  Ruby red lips simply desiring to be kissed.

"You made it!" Tracie laughed.  "The costume is so you.  You’re such a Mad Hatter."

Josh stopped so close to Jenny he could feel her heat.  He tipped his hat to the ladies but only focused on one.  He carefully took the champagne from Jenny.

"Well, I'm mad," handing the glass to Tracie, he raised an eyebrow at Jenny.

Her lips parted as if she was going to speak but Josh decided not to let a word escape.  He moved forward placing one hand firmly on her back and pulled her close.  With the other hand he cupped her head and brought his lips down on hers.  She tasted so good, he could certainly get used to kissing her every day...all day. Her lips parted allowing her tongue to dance with his.

 He felt her body wilt slightly as she let out a moan when his lips left hers for a moment.  His grip tightened on her.
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