Friday, February 3, 2012

Short Stories from Erotic Autor Kris Andersson

An excellent collection of three short stories
with gay themes from well-known
erotic author Kris Andersson.
The stories include:

While the Wife’s Away: When the boss suggests an evening meeting at his home and makes it quite clear that his wife is away for the night, you can guarantee that there will be more than statistics and spreadsheets on the agenda – and by the end of the night a new sort of business partnership has been created…

Masters and Servants: It’s hard losing your job – and even harder looking for something new. But just how far will one man go to impress the boss? From steamy encounters in the office to lust in the potting shed, this is one job search that proves especially stimulating!…

The Sin of Father Anthony: When a new priest arrives in town, one lapsed Catholic decides it’s time to start attending Mass again – but he has more than absolution on his mind as he uses his girlfriend to get closer to the true object of his desire…

While the Wife’s Away and Other Stories is out now from House of Erotica.
It is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, All Romance eBooks and many, many more.

   As I walked into the room he smiled, that smile I had seen the first time we met, the smile that had led me to his home tonight.
He was dressed as I had fantasised he would be – black suit, crisp white shirt, black tie, even the black patent shoes.
He held a glass of red wine in his hand but placed it on the coffee table as I approached.
No need to talk this time, no time for questions and answers. I simply moved towards him, placed my hands on his shoulders and then pulled him towards me, my hand moving up to feel his neck and the back of his head as we started to kiss and his arms encircled me.

I'd somehow known that it would come to this, even though we had only met 24 hours earlier in rather more formal surroundings.
He’d welcomed me into that panelled room, a sophisticated space for our first meeting, but the way he looked at me, just a flicker of recognition that promised far more than we were there for, suggested there was something not on the formal agenda that would have to be addressed pretty quickly and as we shook hands, the hold lingered for just a second longer than required, as though our fingers already wanted to be better acquainted.
He was considerably shorter than me but stockier too, the bulky frame of a man past his prime perhaps but that didn’t bother me because I’d always enjoyed sex with men who knew what they wanted from years of experience.


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