Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday 13 - Thirteen Holiday Hotties

It's the wonderful holiday season and Santa's helpers are pretty busy. 
However, I managed to capture a a few to take their photos. 

1. Lovin' the mistletoe.

 2.  I hope this elf doesn't sleep through Christmas.

3. There's the 6 pack.... where's the pizza?

4. A gift for lil ol me?  How sweet!

5. These boots were meant for walkin'.

6.  This gal makes sure the reindeer take off.

7.  Not sure if I want to know what she can do with that candy cane.

8. Hmm... what's in the sack, Santa?

9.  Feeling a little steamy?  Better cut back on the hot cocoa.

10. I love snowball fights... they usually end with a tickle fight.

11.  I think somebody needs some help with the lights.

12. Sparkly.

13. Uhm...Naughty?

Okay.. for an extra TT bonus... I'm letting you in on a secret.  The 8 reindeer are actually shapeshifters.


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Alice Audrey said...

You stop at tickles? When do you get to the kissing?

Xakara said...

I've written Deer-shifter, so I believe you! :)

Happy T13,

13 Pieces of Eye Candy

Brenda Hyde said...

Those are yummy:) Thanks for the holiday fun!

Savanna Kougar said...

They are shapeshifters and one got shot over Talbot's Peak at Shapeshifter Seductions recently. He wasn't thrilled and plans to make the little deer pay for her bad aim... in the naughtiest way, of course.

Kayelle Allen said...

Suddenly I'm feeling a lot more Christmas-y. LOL #11 is my favorite. I love lights at Christmas. ^_^