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A Menage or Two Please

Senth Antonello

As a new writer with her first sex scene, you'd think I'd pick something simple, but no. I went for a three way with an empress and two male pleasure slaves. My critique group gave me advice, I rewrote, resubbed, and rewrote some more. How did it turn out? I'll let you be the judge. *grin*

Here's the scene from Antonello Brothers 1: At the Mercy of Her Pleasure (a Tarthian Empire Book)

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Senth holds a lofty position in the elite Thieves' Guild. Drugged since puberty to suppress his feral half-feline side, nothing suppresses his daredevil, risk-loving human half. His master offers him a deal. Work with a Better, an enhanced woman with addictive, pleasure-laced pheromones, and he'll buy and free Senth's cruelly enslaved older brother. The job? Grab-and-go. The condition? Remain a virgin. The drug he takes ensures it, no matter how tempting the woman or her pheromones. The problem? Nothing goes right. The job outlasts the drug's effect. All Senth wants is one touch, one kiss, one oh-so-tempting lick of her perfect, lush skin. The downside? With his brother's freedom at stake, how can he risk putting himself at the mercy of her pleasure?
Setting up the scene: Empress Destoiya is the ruthless Conqueror whom NarrAy is trying to defeat. But Destoiya isn't all bad. And she has wonderful mornings.
Her Majesty Empress Rheyn Destoiya awoke to the feel of lips kissing the backs of her knees and neck. She sighed with pleasure, stretching into the pairs of hands caressing her.
Her two newest Jades, Rudolf and Sander, moved to lie on either side of her on the wide bed. The human Rudolf, with his exotic piercings and limber body, had danced his way into her stable of pleasure slaves, shedding his clothes one piece at a time. The Chiasma named Sander captured her attention with his sharply defined beauty and dual sexuality, but his nimble mouth secured it. She and Rudolf had kept the tireless Androg busy all night. What he could do with that tongue…
What phe could do, she corrected herself.
The Conqueror soon forgot the niceties of Chiasmii pronouns when her Jades made her moan aloud.
She turned on her side and took Sander into her arms, dragging him closer for a kiss. She wanted that mouth again. He slid a hand between her legs and lifted her upper thigh as he pulled it toward him, opening her for Rudolf. She arched back against Rudolf and welcomed the exquisite sensation of his pierced cock. He parted the lips of her pussy from behind and plunged deep inside.
"Yes, like that. More."
She laid her head back against Rudolf's shoulder when he thrust harder. Wrapping her leg around Sander's waist, she clung to him with both hands.
"More," she demanded, her voice husky. "More mouth."
Sander laved her throat, nipped her skin. Using his teeth, Rudolf tugged at her earlobe. Destoiya shivered at the heat of Rudolf's breath, the coolness of Sander's mouth, both moist against her skin.
Sander flattened his palm against her mons, and when he cupped his fingers between her labia, she nearly arched off the bed. Searing heat flooded her body and took her breath.
Sander was using his Empas to absorb her lust—and Rudolf's—and was pinpoint feeding it back to her. The desire of three, magnified, aimed, and delivered with precision. She half expected to combust.
The moment Sander's fingers probed inside her rear opening, she climaxed. She hunched back against Rudolf, screaming her release, sobbing with it. Sander clamped his mouth over one breast, the tip of his tongue battering her nipple. She moaned again, her mouth wide. She gripped Rudolf's upper thigh and rode him, thrusting back while he ground himself into her.
The Empress
His cock twitched and jumped inside her while he cried out his pleasure and shudders racked his body. His gasps heated her neck.
Sander thrust inside her the moment Rudolf withdrew.
The change between lovers only hurled her faster over the top. Frenzied by Empas-inspired lust, she panted. Mewling cries escaped her throat.
"Wet," Sander murmured against her mouth. He drove the full length of his cock into her, fast and hard, just the way she loved it. "So lush and hot."
He dipped his tongue into her mouth, curled it against and around hers.
Rudolf reached between them and took her nipple between his finger and thumb, twirling it roughly. He set one hand in her hair and pulled back her head. Rudolf grazed her throat with his teeth, licked the back of her jaw, and circled her ear. The metal studs in the middle of his tongue tingled against her skin.
Destoiya turned her face to capture Rudolf's lips.
The Empress and a Jade
When Sander cried out his climax and arched his back, Rudolf splayed a hand across her clenched buttocks and shoved her hard against Sander in counterpoint to the Androg's ramming thrusts.
She moaned into Rudolf's mouth.
The two slaves eased her back down to a manageable level of ecstasy, petting and stroking her while she shivered and shook between them. Her chin quivered. Chiasmii calm spread over her.
Destoiya recognized Sander's influence at once. She had no composure of her own. When she could finally draw a breath without shaking, she willed her body to relax.
Sander stroked her hair, settling her against his shoulder as Rudolf drew covers over the three of them and cuddled her.
Snuggled between their warmth, she pulled Rudolf's arm around her waist, hooked one leg over Sander, and let herself drift.
"Your Majesty." The deep voice yanked her rudely back to awareness.
Destoiya opened her eyes. Her android guardian stood a short distance from the bed. Dark skinned as a Kelthian, with midnight hair and darker eyes, he stood with his hands behind him, his cool gaze regarding her.
She heaved a sigh. "Damn it, Prentice. What is it?"
"A token has been moved."
"Sander, Rudolf." At her tone, both Jades left her bed at once. They bowed and remained in that position while they backed away. When they reached the required distance, they straightened and turned to go. She admired their naked backsides all the way across the room. At the door they turned in tandem, and finding her watching them, each blew her a kiss.
Returning her attention to Prentice, she punched a pillow and dragged it under her head. "This had better be worth what you interrupted."
At the Mercy of Her Pleasure
Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Erotic Romance, Action Adventure, Younger Hero Older Heroine
Loose Id:

Warning: Contains half-feline thief who plays with what he steals, and a by-the-book military heroine whose passion he liberates. Author not liable for items missing once book is open, including hearts.

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