Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Thirteen – How to Keep Your Honey Thinking About You

There comes a time in every man's life when he's called away from home. Usually it's a business trip or it could even be a well planned hunting or fishing excursion with his buddies. Either way, he'll be without you and at times will feel lonely.

As a pilot's wife, I'm used to my man being gone for periods at a time. Sometimes he is even out of the country; talking on the phone became expensive so we became creative with our communication skills. Here are a few ideas I’ve collected to make sure you're always on his mind. (No, I haven’t done them all!)

1. Write little suggestive notes or mini love letters and hide them in his luggage.

2. Sweets from his sweet. Think Hershey kisses or green M&M’s! Hide some of his favorite candy or snacks in his socks.

3. Spray a pair of panties with your favorite perfume, place them in a zip lock baggie and tuck them in his suitcase.

4. Put together a small photo album with sexy photos of yourself. It will remind him what he’s coming home to.

5. Hide a set of handcuffs or a silk scarf in his luggage and then play coy when he mentions his find.

6. Send him an email at the end of every day, letting him know what you did. Include the boring monotonous stuff. It will make him feel like his being included in your daily life and not so far away from your touch. Believe it or not, when you write about doing the laundry he’ll picture you bending over a pile and start thinking about your bum, your legs… and so one. He’ll finish reading your letter with a smile on his face.

7. Call him or leave a message on his phone to tell him you are thinking about him. Send him little posts on his IM.

8. Next time you talk on the phone, tell him what part of his body is your favorite and why.

9. Send him suggestive instant messages; tell him what you want to do to him right then.

10. Use webcams to talk to each other. Surprise him by wearing something he really likes or a slinky nightgown. Talk to him normal but use your body in sensual manners to entice him. If you’re able (no kids around), let the mood carry you away.

11. It’s fun to tell him what you want to do to him when he gets home; but it’s more fun to tease him with little hints during his entire time away. The build up is the most fun! Make sure you make arrangements for kids to be gone when your man gets home!

12. If you are bold, make a video of pleasuring yourself and send it to him.

13. If you’re even bolder… make a video of you pleasuring him before he leaves and send it to him.

Just remember the key to keep him thinking about you!


Kayelle Allen said...

Oooh these are good! I once found a love note my very creative hubby tucked INside a sandwich he'd made for my lunch when I was crazy late that day. He wrote it on a sticky note, put it inside a zipper bag, and put that between the lettuce and cheese. People in the office talked about my lunchtime surprise all afternoon. I definitely thought about my man that day!

I am Harriet said...

Gotta wonder what security is going to say when they see those handcuffs.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Lots of intriguing suggestions. Thanks.

Nicholas said...

Oh my! No one has ever done any of those for me!

Savanna Kougar said...

Great suggestions! Given the current state of security at airports, I have to wonder if any of that would be allowed?