Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens, Oh My....

My first inclination was to title this blog, Defying Pigeon-holes since that's on my mind. But I was inspired to offer the topic when I saw the new film,Cowboys & Aliens.

In spite of  ambivalent reviews, this film was #1 at the Box Office last weekend. So maybe a lot of people besides me are tired of the same-ole-same-old we're usually served.                                        
Harrison Ford plays a rough, tough rancher, delivering a hard-edged performance I loved.
The story defies normal expectations of either western or sci-fi genres and comes off fresh and unique.
The cinematography is awesome, the western atmosphere magnificent. 
And Daniel Craig is pure HAWT!

Watching Cowboys & Aliens, I was challenged  to think outside of the box, push myself  further, and avoid getting comfortable in a formula-story niche. It was worth the $5 popcorn, $6 soft drink, and $9 admission to remind me of that goal. I'm curious about how other authors stay fresh.

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Becca Simone said...

I don't really have a specific way to stay "fresh." But I try to read "outside the box" as much as possible. I write straight contemporary erotica, so I read outside that genre 90% of the time. In fact, the majority of my reading isn't even romance. I'm into horror, action thrillers and mysteries.

Gem Sivad said...

Becca, I read to "escape" for a few hours. If I pick a book in my genre, I become "uber-editor" studying form, style and mechanics instead of relaxing and letting the story draw me in. @_@

I admire authors who can cross genre lines and pull their fans with them. I'm hoping my "voice" will be strong enough to do that too.

Thanks for stopping by.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Gem, so glad you did a review of Cowboys and Aliens. Makes me definitely want to see it one way or another.

Anyhoo, the fresh thing. For me, it's more I just need a lot more energy to write. However, reading writing that is inspired, in whatever genre, freshens me up every time.

From what I saw of your 'six sentence' shifter story, I think your "voice" is strong enough. You got a great response from the commenters. Go with that.

Gem Sivad said...

Savanna, you read my intentions well. Scary stuff breaking from a well-worn path and venturing into new territory.

Guess that's why I write rip roaring adventures. :)

Thanks for the encouraging words.