Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Today's Six Sentence Sunday was taken from Handcuffs & Silk.

His eyelids drooped as she loosened the leather belt and eased the pants off his lean hips. Her fingers slipped the boxers over his ass and she cupped the tight cheeks. Not a sound came from him as he stood stiffly with his eyes closed.

“Slide off your shoes and step out of your pants,” Steph ordered as she shoved his clothing down to the floor with a booted foot.

“I only wish to serve and please you.” His voice dripped with sex as he dropped to his knees in a submissive pose: head bowed with his hands behind his back.

Available from Decadent Publishing.

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Paula Martin said...

Very sexy, he obviously loves a dominant woman!

Becca Simone said...

Amazing how much you can learn about a book in just 6 sentences. :)

Kayelle Allen said...

Oh... my. *fanning* I do love this guy.