Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Let me just say, "Thank you St. Patrick for giving me this reason to indulge in one of my secret vices." Colin James Farrell (born 31 May 1976) is an Irish actor, who has appeared in films including  Tigerland,  Daredevil,  Miami Vice,  Minority Report,  Phone Booth,  The Recruit,  Alexander,  S.W.A.T.,  In Bruges.
 Oh what a gorgeous smile he has.

And his eyes. This pic was taken@ the 2007 Toronto Film Festival

Did I mention I like his tat?

Rawrrrr.I like my cowboys, but hey, sometimes he's a cowboy, too.

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Mary Quast said...

Oh sooo yummy! I think I need to visit Ireland.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh glad I finally made it. The site didn't want to load. But, am I glad it did!

Gem Sivad said...

*Ahem, I believe a trip to Ireland could be considered research...right???

Thanks for stopping by to drool with me. :)