Saturday, March 12, 2011

Name Game Whimsy ~ Snake Mean Sue

Saturday greetings, everyone. Ever have that moment when being ‘mean’ is a satisfying pleasure? Not only that, it’s a form of needed justice... well, this past Thursday, the following was part of Kayelle Allen’s post.

Show Me Yours - Thursday Thirteen
by Kayelle Allen

I have a name-related game for you that's easy and fun to play. This is Thursday Thirteen, so of course there are thirteen questions. Here's how to play.

Use the first letter of either your last name, middle name, or maiden name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, or things, with nothing made up.

~Okay then, I decided to play. Then, I decided to pen a bit of whimsy using my answers... well, you’ll see Sue is not nice~

The Name Game

1. What is your last name, middle name, or maiden name? SUE
2. An animal SNAKE
3. A boy's name STEVE
4. A girl's name SANDRA
5. A color SILVER
6. An occupation STOCK MARKET IDIOT
7. Something to wear SCARF
8. A beverage SANGRIA
10. Something found in the bathroom SHOWER
11. Reason for being late SCARED
12. Something you shout SHOOT
13. A place SHAMBALA


Snake Mean Sue

Sue adored morphing into a snake. However, she didn’t adore being hunted by Steve. The effing creep was a collector for a zoo who specialized in shapeshifters. Sandra had warned her the silver-tongued devil only wanted to capture her in mid shift, then sell her to Joe, the stock market idiot who’d had to declare bankruptcy recently.

Sue flipped her paisley scarf over her shoulder, and smiled at the bartender as he placed the fruity goblet of Sangria before her. He might not be a shifter, but he sure did possess superior assets.

‘If ya know what I mean,’ she sang inside her head.

She smiled widely at the bartender’s teasing wink, rolling her shoulders. He grinned, and with a cocky flash of his eyes, he pivoted away. Sue enjoyed the view, then picked up her fork. Twirling her spaghetti into a mouthful, she lifted it to her mouth.

Before she could eat it, a shower of toxic spittle landed way too close to her plate. A smile slithered over Steve’s pretty boy features when she glanced upward.

Cobras gone bad were definitely ultra annoying. Sue rolled her eyes, then calmly set the fork-ful down.

“Like eating your own kind, do you?” she silkily cut, then reached for a napkin. “Here’s a suggestion. Why don’t you crawl off to a dark closet, hand-pump that garter-snake sized penis of yours.”

Sue carelessly tossed her curly locks, then tilted her chin. She fixed her gaze on the creepy creepazoid that had been named Steve.

“Shoot,” she sarcastically drawled, “when that genetically inferior sperm of yours shoots, or say, dribbles, you can dine on half of your future progeny.”

Steve’s pupils became slits, and he glared nastily.

“Is there a problem?” The bartender’s voice sounded like a powerful and welcome foghorn.

“Just a small disagreement between me and the lady,” Steve slickly crooned.

Sue nearly snorted a hiss. But, Mr. Hunky Bartender was worth her ladylike best behavior. Besides, his alpha intensity captured her full attention.

“I suggest you handle any disagreement civilly. The Club Shambala does not allow ladies to be harassed. And, neither do I.”

Sue could have kissed her white-knight rescuer squarely on that human, beautiful mouth of his. Oh, if only...

~~~Prayers and blessings to the people of the Japan, and to everyone in need~~~


Savanna Kougar

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