Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Kisses

13 Kisses from My Best-Selling
Erotic Romance BANGED UP:

For this week's Thursday Thirteen I've collected 13 kisses from my best-seller BANGED UP. An m/f erotic romance available at Liquid Silver Books here or for your Kindle here.

1. His lips brushed hers lightly. Since her lips had already been slightly parted, he breathed her in and she did the same with him. He grazed her lips again. So soft. No pressure at all.

2. He buried his fingers into her braid, twisting his mouth over hers, dipping his tongue between her lips.

3. Mace’s tongue invaded her mouth, skimmed along her teeth, and tickled her tongue until she groaned and tentatively drew her tongue against his. Their tongues met, dueled and fought, twisting and pushing against each other.

4. Mace captured her lower lip between his teeth, tugging slightly, before kissing each corner of her lips. “Sweet … so sweet. I want to taste you everywhere.”

5. He lay down beside her and took her into his arms, turning her to face him. He brushed a light kiss over her nose and sighed.

6. He kissed her nose, her eyelids, her lips, before licking the hollow of her collarbone.

7. He kissed her lightly, just nudging her lips open, his tongue playing along her teeth and tongue.

8. He nuzzled her neck and kissed her damp skin.

9. Colby felt a sudden need to cover herself, to pull her shirt over her exposed chest, until he grasped both breasts with his hands and softly kissed each nipple. His caress caused her to arch her back, thrusting herself closer to his mouth, his lips, his tongue.

10. Mace stopped her words with his mouth, their tongues sparring fiercely.

11. Colby placed her lips against his, stopping his words. He savored her sweet mouth, drawing her lower lip in and nibbling on it. His tongue dipped in, swirling against hers.

12. Without breaking contact, he settled above her, catching her lips, her warm breath, and her gasps as he twisted and plucked her nipples. Their tongues tangled and fought, stroking against each other until they were both gasping for air.

13. Lips brushed along the back of her knees up to the tops of her thighs.

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Anonymous said...

Verrry nice. Kissing is the ultimate in foreplay, as far as I'm concerned. *wink* Happy Thursday!

Alice Audrey said...

I love that title!

William Kendall said...

Very nice!!

Savanna Kougar said...

I just love kissing... every art of kissing there is. Thanks for the foreplay...

Savannah Chase said...

Great list....

Gem Sivad said...

Nice, Jeanne. Thanks for the kisses. :)


Heather said...

Very nice!

Bratty said...

Wow, that's a lot of kissing for one book. I'm sure it's a fun read though! I liked some of your descriptions. Good stuff!

Kimberly Menozzi said...

Kisses are lovely, no? ;)

Happy (belated) TT!

Jennifer Leeland said...

Awesome!!!! I love these!