Monday, December 20, 2010

Creative Unwrapping

It's getting to be that time. Scented candles, silk ribbons, wine...

Her lips are parted and slightly swollen from being kissed under the mistletoe, her eyes are soft, her hair is tousled. He's breathing heavier and realizes the only thing standing in the way to further enjoyment are a few layers of cloth.

Forget the "locker-room strip"; tonight clothing will be slowly removed and each piece of skin will be enjoyed as it is revealed.
To Unwrap Her:
Start at the top and move downward.
1. Unbutton blouse, exposing little by little the deliciously sensitive area above the breasts. Push it back off her shoulders and admire the curve of her neck using your eyes, hands, lips.

2. The bra can be a sexy toy; push the straps off her shoulders and kiss the spots where they were. Once the nipple is exposed, lavish attention on its sensitive circle and slide your attention down to the midriff.

3. Lovingly peel her pants or skirt down from the top, playing slowly as you do. Remove her underwear by pulling it down off her ass ever so slowly exploiting that sudden rush of vulnerability, tonguing the crease and stroking her cheeks.

The same principle apply to all other articles of clothing. Go slowly, avoid making her look awkward and show your appreciation of each new area of skin as you gain access to it.

To Unwrap Him:
Many men enjoy being undressed. The same principles apply to men when it comes to uncovering the body and finding those sensitive spots.

1. Remove his shirt in a slow manner. Admire what you have exposed then make a big deal of opening his shirt and pulling down his arms. Linger over the curves of his chest muscles. Caress his back and lick his nipples. For fun nuzzle the back of his neck and continue down his spine with your lips, teeth and tongue.

2. Caress him through the cloth of his pants before you begin playing with the zipper. Try this fun trick - Bend down until your mouth is close to his cock, open you mouth and take a deep breath, and blow all that warm air against his penis. It will take a second or two to penetrate, but you'll know when he feels the sudden warmth. Straddle him so you may have your way with him before sliding the pants and underwear down.

3. Imagine his visual stimulation with an excited woman sitting over him, her breasts in full view as she concentrates on the glorious sight of an erect cock emerging, strong and hard and ready for action.
Now's the time ladies... POUNCE!

Mary Quast is the author of the sensual Soul Series.