Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Release

God I've got to admit this--having a book come out is an orgasmic experience after a long slow ride. When you finally want to give up and say, "Oh, for Pete's sake forget it," another tease is added--you get your cover and then your release date and the climax starts building.  
Listen up, you can probably hear me! I'm screaming out my pleasure! Five Card Stud, the story of bad boy, bounty hunter Sam McCallister is  AVAILABLE TODAY at Ellora's Cave.
Eden said, “It won’t do any good for me to repair you if you keep getting hurt. Be safe, Mr. McCallister. And thank you for escorting me home tonight.” Apparently satisfied that he was intact, she turned away ready for him to go.

Sam wasn’t having any of that. “Do you really think I’m leaving?”

A delicate blush stained her cheeks and he stepped closer, determined to reignite her earlier passion. Now that they were finally alone, Eden didn’t seem nearly as sure of herself.

Sam waited, willing her to come to him. She moved closer, surprising him when she slid her arms around his neck.

Her fingers played with the hilt of the blade holstered there. “How do you know I won’t take this very sharp knife and hurt you with it?” Her question was teasing. Eden’s guarded emotions were freed for the moment, and her eyes sparkled with mischief as she smiled up at him.

Sam’s eyes drifted half-closed as desire clawed his throat. “Take off your clothes,” he growled. “Playtime’s over. Take ’em off or I’ll use that very sharp knife you’re fingering to cut ’em off.”

Her eyes crinkled in laughter as if the savage in him didn’t scare her. She giggled and said, “I guess you’ve decided.”

Lust had him in its grip and he wouldn’t take another moment of her torment. “Damn straight, I’ve decided. We’ll do this thing now, tonight. No more runnin’ from me, Eden.”

Sam stared down into deep pools of molten desire. “One time,” she whispered. “Just so we know…” She sighed. “I’m a woman traveling alone. It has to stay that way. But…”     She pulled his head down and continued the moment that had been interrupted earlier. Sam held a womanin his arms on fire with passion.

Her nimble fingers trembled as she unbuttoned his shirt and brushed it from his shoulders. She bent forward, touched her tongue to his nipple—a feathery stroke teasing the bud ’til it puckered. At the same time, she trailed her fingers down to his belt. 
Sam’s control snapped and he did what he’d threatened. The sharp blade sliced through her dress and chemise and they fell loose across her shoulders, exposing her back. 
“I owed you an outfit. Now it’s two.” He flicked his knife again and the corset strings parted, releasing firm, rounded breasts as he pushed the material from her body. The rest of their clothes he kicked across the floor before he pulled her close, skin to skin, his cock pushing insistently against her belly.

Gem Sivad 



Savanna Kougar said...

"I'm screaming out my pleasure!"

I CAN HEAR YOU!!! Big congrats.

Love a man who can use a knife like that!

Gem Sivad said...

Thanks, Savanna. What a ride! :)