Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday 13- My idea of romance

Today's Thursday 13 is all about what I find romantic. It's not necessarily what every woman may consider romantic but these are mine. Everyone has their definition of what romance is, just as everyone has their personal preference of what makes their relationship romantic. I'm not into the cards, flowers, jewelry or gifts...I like the simple things.

After years of denying that I wanted romance in my life, I have decided to take back those words and tell you what I do find romantic. This list are some of the ideas I have experienced or wish to.

1. Quiet Sunday mornings lingering in bed listening to raindrops on the window.

2. Slow dancing with the lights low, holding the one you love close.

3. Little unexpected texts throughout the day that make you smile.

4. Long back and leg rubs to relax the body and mind.

5. That sweet glance across the room that only you and your partner can read.

6. The partner who takes it upon his or herself to do more around the house. Yes, dust if you must...I won't complain.

7. The partner who is understanding when I don't have time for lovey-dovey stuff but need to meet a deadline.

8. The partner who offers to do the shopping because he or she knows how much you hate shopping.

9. Waking up to find your significant other staring longingly at you as you sleep.

10. Curling up on the couch watching a movie together.

11. No words exchanged, just sitting on the deck daydreaming about the future.

12. Holding hands while walking through a parking lot. Plus the gentle way his finger/thumb caresses your hand.

13. Showering together. Soap, lather and bubbles- it doesn't get any better than this.


Gem Sivad said...

All of the above. Yes! Thanks for reminding me what a romantic partner I have.


Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, what a lovely and definitely romantic list.

Gem, you are one lucky gal!!!