Friday, November 5, 2010

Flirty Friday- Body Language- What is it saying?

People watching can be fun- especially when in a location known for single people to be hanging out. Have you ever watched someone in bar? The come-hither looks and glances? The discreet glances between two people in the office? Or the blatant flirt when a man 'accidentally' brushes against you?

When using body language to flirt most people use their eyes, mouths, arms/hands and for women, their legs.

Imagine being in a crowded bar, wanton females everywhere and an attractive man walks in-how do you draw his attention to only you? Buy him a drink and wink at him as the bartender gestures towards you? Possibly but too clique. Do you flash him your ultra bright smile? Make direct eye contact and have a sultry look in your eye? Or D, all of the above?

Which ever you chose may work or then again it may not. But remember this the magical power of flirting with body language speaks more than words.

From the shy glance a women gives a man she's attracted to how she gently touches his arm when he's near. Even the simplest eye contact when he's talking to her. It shows interest and that he's the only person in the world at that moment.

Don't you love it when a man makes eye contact, smiles that sly smile like you're the only woman on Earth. Or better yet, he adds that little wink combined with the sly smile. Ohhh, send shivers up my spine. Total turn on for me.

So what was the best body language you've received or given to someone else?


Kayelle Allen said...

My husband says it's the intense way I look at him -- appreciation and interest rolled into one. I think it's the fact that I hold his gaze and then give him a slow smile, as if I know a secret. It's inviting.

For me, when hubby is sitting next to me, and idly reaches over and strokes my arm, or touches my hair. Sometimes, while I'm driving, he'll reach over and massage the back of my neck. In fact, a massage is one of the best kinds of body language I know! You can say a LOT with one of those. ^_^

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, a massage is the best!

For me, a man who carries himself well and can dance, or when a man approaches me with confidence, but not arrogance... yeah, that's what does it for me.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the Millionaire Matchmaker the other night (I only watch educational TV - lol), and Patti Sanger said to get a man's attention, you need to hold his gaze for five seconds, then look away.

Wish I'd known that when I was single!