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For Western Scorchin' Hawt Romance - Gem Sivad

A: I'm proud to introduce Gem Sivad - a self-proclaimed matchmaker even if she only gets to mess around with matchmaking in her writing.

She loves writing western romances and currently has a hot upcoming release from Ellora's Cave called Five Card Stud and currently has several books released with Liquid Silver and Siren BookStrand.

Welcome Gem!!!!

Let's get right down to the down and dirty. We like to release our innermost desires here so we go "deep". LOL

What’s the kinkiest, sexiest thing you’ve ever done:

GS: Sorry can’t answer that, the laptop caught on fire when I tried to type the words. This is a loaner so I’ll have to refrain from that mistake again.

A: Hahah... really. That Hot Hugh? Well, then let's stick to your writing. How bad do you get with your writing, are we talking just suggestion or down right bondage?

GS: Unless you’re talking about the prisoners of my bounty hunters, I don’t do bondage.

A: Hmm... bounty hunters did you say??? :> That's sexy enough without the bondage. Do you have a best line?

GS: From Bounty Hunters Book Two (wip): "He’s male, and that’s all I need for an edge, Eden thought, as she prepared to do whatever was necessary to lose this encumbrance to her plans. "

A: Oohhh.. I likeee. Eden sounds like she's a take charge kind of gal. Then men sound exciting - if they're as fiery as Eden.

If you could have any movie star take on a role as one of your heroes, who would it be?

GS: I’d cast Viggo Mortensen as Ambrose Quince in my first western romance, Intimate Strangers.

A: I LOVE Viggo. More woman could do well by some time with him - in or out of the sheets. I hear he's a poet and very romantic.  Sigh. And that body... that face. OMG. I think I should stop now. I like the name Ambrose. Why did that name fall out of popularity? Hmm...
Onto other speculations. Viggo's a big guy and size counts (well some people say that :>)… on average how loooooonnnnnggg do you like your (um, how do we put it delicately) manuscripts to be ;> ( in words silly, not inches) and how steamy?

GS: I like to write 60k manuscripts that have steamy sex entwined within the fabric of a panoramic western romance. I have to admit, my work is getting hotter, it must be the Texas sun *wink*.

A: Sure it's the Texas sun - Personally, one look at Viggo and I'd be getting hot - forget sun. It could be sub-arctic and I'd be... ahem... sorry. Back on track. What are the hardest scenes to write for you?

GS: I have a difficult time writing a scene that includes multiple people with dialogue from all of them. Keeping the words flowing and the threads straight so that the reader can follow the action of the scene is a bitch.
A: I agree. It gets really hard to keep the dialogue tags to a minimum, keep the story moving, and make sure everyone knows who is talking. That's difficult in m/m too. I admire some of those menage and m/m writers - just very difficult balancing act.

How close in real life have you gotten to one of your fantasies?

GS: Very.

A: YOU"VE "Tupped" Viggo?????????? What? When? I wanna know. LOL. Oh, whew. I don't think you meant that. I'd want the dets on that sexscapade :>

LOL... I'm so bad.

I guess we're almost up. Anything you would want other writers and your readers to know about you?

GS: I’m a compulsive researcher, an anal-retentive reviser, and a kick-ass western romance writer. Every story I write explores the influence and power of human sexuality on the decisions that people make, no matter what era they lived in.

A: Your books are fascinating. You've also got some wonderful cover art (fangirl moment here).

There are so many more questions I would ask but I think we only have time for one more... anything you would like to share with us, an excerpt, a tidbit, or anything else about yourself?

GS: Excerpt from wip Bounty Hunters II (yet untitled): Sam had recognized her the minute she sat down at the game. He could have taken her prisoner right then. But it had been a pleasure to watch her handle the cards.

His focus had changed in their first head-on match. He’d never met anyone who could run numbers in their head like she could. She was also wanted for murder. Both things got his full attention. She’d thrown him off stride again when she’d unfurled her cards and started her strip tease. Eden Pace calculated every move and it pushed Sam to stay ahead of her.

The mystery woman had chosen seduction as her weapon of choice. She’d named the game, and that he regretted. He didn’t force women, he wasn’t Ben Jenkins. He’d rattled her with the side bet. He’d have let her walk then, had she won. He would also have followed. He’d planned on talking to her, sorting out the reason for the killing, and offering to untangle her problem. Then, he’d planned on seducing her.

But she’d lost, and continued the game. She’d dealt the next hand as soon as she entered the room. And now, she stood indecisively looking at his gun as though maybe seduction hadn’t been the right game after all. He was caught by surprise when she sank to her knees between his legs. Her hair brushed against his thigh, and his cock swelled bigger, jutting toward what it wanted.

He didn’t suppress his groan of pleasure when her pink lips sipped delicately and her tongue explored the slit, tasting the pre-cum that seeped there. She lapped the head with feathery strokes that made him want to jut his hips and thrust deeper into her mouth and down her throat. But he didn’t. He held onto his control as she licked him like a kitten eating up cream.

Nibbling her way down his shaft, she applied lips and tongue in a wet caress. When she shrugged delicately against his thigh, he widened for her, spreading his legs and shifting to give her access to her target.

First the left testicle, then the right enjoyed the soft caress and tantalizing miracle of her mouth. His nuts were so hard and tight he risked shooting his load right then, but he set his back teeth, gripped the arms of the chair, and let her play. Her black hair cascaded around her face as she tilted her head to take more of him, working her mouth back up his cock.

By the time she reached the top, Sam’s control was lost. “Play times over sweetheart.” When her lips surrounded the head of his cock, he cupped her face and thrust into the cavern of her mouth, withdrawing, and then thrusting again. “Take more of it,” he ordered her. She widened her jaw upon demand and he angled her head to take him deeper.

He had intended to take her pussy first, but his cock had other ideas. “Suck on it,” he directed her effort to take his size. “Relax your throat and let me in, Eden.” His directions were unnecessary. She adjusted her position and swallowed his length, throat muscles caressing the sensitive head.

When she made a humming sound, her clasping flesh vibrated around his pumping cock and he lost his control, coming in hot spurts of cream that she drank from him.

He sank back against the chair and closed his eyes savoring the extraordinary pleasure she had just given him. “Give me a minute Eden and I’ll satisfy you.” He heard the click of a cocked hammer before he opened his eyes.

“I’ve found my own release.” Her husky reply mocked him, even as she stepped into her clothes and pointed the gun at him. She gathered his boots, belt, pants, and shirt, and backed to the window which she fumbled open without looking away from him.

When she threw the whole bundle out, he relaxed a little promising, “You’ll pay for that Eden.”

“So will you,” she replied as she topped off her satchel with his saddlebags, and closed it with a snap before walking out the door.

“Well I’ll be damned.” It was only the second time in his life that anyone had ever gotten the drop on Snake McCallister. The first time he’d been fourteen and an untried youth. This time he was a man and he had no excuse.

Sam sat naked on the edge of the chair and felt reluctant admiration settle over him. His face relaxed in an easy smile and a chuckle turned into a gruff laugh of amazement. “It’s your pot Eden. Shuffle the cards pretty lady. We have another hand to play.”

A: WOWSER... that's steamy. I think my own screen is about to fizzle out.

If you want to learn more about Gem, check her out at .

Thanks Gem!


Savanna Kougar said...

Wowser, is right. Extra cayenne hot excerpt. Eden's my kind of heroine! Though, I could never pull off what she did.

Gem, congrats on all your success and all of your upcoming success.

Gem Sivad said...

Thanks Savanna. And April, I enjoyed the interview tremendously.