Monday, April 12, 2010

Erotica~ Old West Style

I just finished the second book in  my series, The Bounty Hunters: 5 Card Stud.   The tough hombre` at the left is the image in my mind I have of Snake McCallister, bounty hunter and all around Texas bad-ass.

Sometimes readers shy away from western romance, thinking perhaps there's nothing erotic or sexy about the Old West.

Hah! Talk about a world of chauvinist males where female submission was supposedly a way of life.   I think history recorded the male version. I like to take that myth, and play the what if game.

What if a woman wasn't submissive?  What if she had real sexual needs, with no one to satisfy her body's cravings? Would her otherwise strong will, bend to that of a man who gave her the release she yearned for?

Or would that man find himself so driven by the lust that consumes him, that his normal control and common sense might fall victim to her will?

Eden Pace, meet Samuel McCallister. He's a stud on the make, 1880's Texas style.

Blurb: Five Card Stud

Bounty hunter, Sam McCallister only knows two smart women. When he meets Eden Pace, he has to up his count to three. Eden faces him across a poker table and is all set to clean out his pockets. But Sam has a few cards to play she's not expecting.The lady is the prettiest woman and the best card sharp Sam's ever met. She's also wanted for murder and he's got a handbill with her picture on it, just waiting for him to take her in.

Sam's got five cards he carries in his pocket he calls reminders. When Sam meets Eden, he finds himself in a high stakes poker game with his heart on the line, and all five reminders don't help him at all. After he takes the lady gambler into custody, he finds out she has a few tricks of her own. Eden is no shy miss. A widow determined to do her own outlaw hunting, Eden is following the man who killed her husband. She uses seduction to free herself from her bounty hunter captor, only to discover that she's got more trouble chasing her than Sam McCallister. Ansell Black,the most dangerous outlaw in Texas, is hunting her, and it will  take all of Sam's skill to save the woman of his dreams. 

 Adult Excerpt: 5 Card Stud

Sam McCallister had to remind himself that Eden Pace was wanted for murder. He’d given her a chance for explanations and she’d rejected it.  Both things got his full attention. He’d expected tears, maybe pleas for mercy.  She’d thrown him off stride when she unfurled her cards and started her strip tease. 
Eden Pace calculated every move and it pushed Sam to stay ahead of her. It disappointed him in a way yet unexplored, that she bartered for her release with her body.  He wasn’t surprised, but he’d thought her a cut above an easy woman. That he’d been mistaken, seasoned his desire with contempt. He couldn’t help but wonder how often she used sex to smooth the path of her travels.
 Maybe he’d care in the morning, but now, the mystery woman had chosen seduction as her weapon. She’d named the game, offering him a taste of heaven to let her walk away.
“Taste me,” he invited her. He was caught in a web of lust more powerful than any force he’d ever handled before. He didn’t expect it, and was caught by surprise when she sank to her knees between his legs.  Her hair brushed against his thigh, and his cock swelled bigger, jutting toward what it wanted.
“Christ,” he shuddered, already under her spell as she nipped along his inner thigh and moved toward his groin with lips and teeth.  Eden’s face was flushed, her full bottom lip pink against the ruddy cock she tasted.
He didn’t suppress his groan of pleasure when she sipped delicately along his hard length, stopping to swirl her tongue, or trace a thick vein. Then she explored the slit at the end, tasting the pre-cum that seeped there.
She lapped the head with feathery strokes that made him want to jut his hips and thrust deeper into her mouth and down her throat. But he didn’t.  He held onto his control as she licked him like a kitten eating up cream.
God what a mouth she had. She wasn’t shy about taking what she wanted either. Sam had been fucking women since he turned fourteen. He’d tried every position or method of coupling known to man or woman and enjoyed every one of them. As he watched the woman part her lips and take him, he appreciated her skill at the same time he rejected her knowledge. Then he forgot everything but pleasure.
 Nibbling her way down his shaft, she applied lips and tongue in a wet caress.  When she shrugged delicately against his thigh, he widened for her, spreading his legs and shifting to give her more room. He couldn’t suppress the growl he emitted.
Her skin was hot where she leaned against his leg.  He reached down and squeezed her breast as she worked his cock with her lips. The rounded globe was both soft and firm in his grasp. His hand closed tighter, wanting.  He thumbed her rigid nipple and felt her shudder against him as she buried her face between his thighs.
 First the left testicle, then the right enjoyed the soft caress and tantalizing miracle of her mouth.  His nuts were so hard and tight he risked shooting his load right then, but he set his back teeth, gripped the arms of the chair, and let her play.
“Easy sweetheart,” he murmured as her black hair cascaded around her face and she tilted her head for better access.  Eden rolled the hard balls in his sack between her tongue and the roof of her mouth and Sam spread wider, encouraging her.  “Don’t stop, Eden. Use that pretty mouth on me some more.”
God it was an erotic sight watching her work her lips and tongue back up his cock.  Sam loosened the knot that still confined her hair, and when it tumbled free, he stroked the back of her head, savoring the exquisite feel of her worshiping his flesh.  The silken mane hung almost to her hips, cascading in a shimmering mass. He drew it away from her face to better see what she did.
Eden was flushed, her eyes glazed with passion as her lips played along his length, nuzzling his flesh, enjoying him.  Sam didn’t know many women who liked this form of love play, but it was clear Eden was one of the few.
By the time she reached the top, Sam’s control was lost.  “Play times over sweetheart.” When her lips surrounded the head of his cock, he cupped her face and thrust into the warm moist heat of her mouth, withdrawing, and then thrusting again.  “Take more of it,” he ordered her.  She widened her jaw upon demand, and he angled her head to take him deeper. 
 He had intended to have her pussy first, but his cock had other ideas.  “Suck on it,” he guided her effort to take his size.  “Relax your throat and let me in, Eden.” His directions were unnecessary.
She adjusted her position and swallowed his length, throat muscles caressing the sensitive head.  Her hands came up to fondle his balls, as she rested her head against his thigh opening her throat for his thrusts.
Eden made a humming sound, and the clasping muscles vibrated around his pumping cock. Sam lost his control, coming in hot spurts of cream that she drank from him.  He cradled her head as she greedily swallowed his release.
Her tits bumped against Sam’s calf as she milked him with her mouth. Sharp nails raked his thigh to add yet another point of sensation and his hips came off the chair, bucking upward in short jabs that spewed his seed into her. At the last moment, she gripped his hips with her hands, pulling him deeper.
When Eden had drained the last drop of cum from him, Sam sank back and closed his eyes savoring the extraordinary pleasure she’d just given him.
Delicately, she stroked his left thigh with her hand, prolonging the ecstasy as he sucked air into his lungs and fought to regain his hold on sanity. “Hang on a minute Eden and I’ll satisfy you.” 
His head was spinning from the power of the climax. It had knocked him almost senseless for a moment. Sam barely noticed when the silken head left his thigh. She got his attention a moment later, though. When he heard the click of a cocked hammer, he opened his eyes.   
“I’ve found my own release.” Her husky reply mocked him as she stepped into her clothes and pointed the gun at him. 
5 Card Stud~ Coming Soon


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Sounds awesome, Gem. I just love westerns.

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Now, that's my kinda release. Yay! for Eden!

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Thank you ladies. It's nice to know there are some cowboy lovers in the crowd.


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