Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things to Do with Whipping Cream

Now that Valentine's Day is past, the chocolate is all gone (sob) but there is still a couple cans of whipping cream in the fridg.  Here's a few ideas of what to do with them.

1.  Of course… top off some yummy chocolate pudding, or hot apple pie, or ice cream.  Wait a minute.  Come on now… let’s add some spice to it!

2.  Dip strawberries into it and feed them to your special someone.  Swirl the whipping cream upon the lips and lick off together.

    3.  Make a whipping cream bikini or matching whipping cream undies and lick them off each other.

 4.  Place cut up banana pieces, strawberries, pop rocks candy onto naked belly (or any body part of your choosing) add chocolate syrup then top with whipping cream.  Allow your dear honey bunny to lick it off.  If you’re daring, try this and add a scoop of ice cream.  Wowza!

5.  “Hershey's syrup, whipped cream, and a Catwoman mask.” – Men’s Health magazine.  Okay…? Sorry, I can’t do the Catwoman mask thing.

6.  Now this old album cover gives me a few ideas I simply can’t express in words.  What’s an album?  If you don’t know… you shouldn’t be reading this post.

7.  Oh, you need the obvious idea?  Then simply cover your partner’s hottest spots.  You have to lick the cream away to get to the “goodies”.  Duh.

8.   Need a little warmth while you play with all this whipping cream?  Try this recipe:  1 cup heavy cream, whipped, add 1 ounce orange liqueur such as Grand Marnier, and whip together.  Ladies - let your honey put this mixture wherever you might want him to pay a lot of attention to, cut he’ll probably be there awhile.

9.  Add some strawberry syrup to the whipping cream then put it in the freeze for a bit before placing dollops onto nipples.  The flavor and the cold enhances the … uh… pleasure.

10. Run a line of whipping cream along the backbone of your partner then slowly… I mean slowly lick it off.  Don’t ever rush licking.  A burp or gas of any kind can be rather embarrassing in a moment of passion. 

    11. Whipping cream, blindfold, handcuffs, and pineapple flavored edible warming oil.  Need I say more?

   12.  Arm yourselves with cans of whipping cream; be sure to be naked, commence whipping cream war.  Note: shower afterwards may be just as much fun as the war.

13. “Have your guy lie back comfortably on the bed; spray whipped cream from his naval to his upper thighs. Begin slowly licking it off the body areas above and below his package. After each lick, kiss his mouth with your lips covered in whipped cream, bring your mouth back below his belt. Slowly lick all the whipped cream off his body — except the cream directly covering his penis and testicles. Not until he’s aching should you finally indulge there.” – Cosmopolitan magazine.  (Recommended by Laura Berman, PhD, sex therapist and creator of the DVD series Dr. Berman Can Help)


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William Kendall said...

Oh my! Such lovely ideas, too!