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Welcome guest blogger, Sarah Berry.

My name is Sarah Berry and, until last month, I was a pube facist. Or is that fetishist? Probably both. Either way I know that I have played my part in helping women feel less enamoured by their short curlies. And for that I am sorry.

As a teen, I always struggled with what to do with my pubes. I had a sexual dysfunction called vaginismus which made penetration impossible. In an effort to show the world that I wasn’t prudish, shy or repressed, I got rid of my pubes. It was my way of saying: bear with me, I really am a dirty bitch.

When I started to write erotica, all my ladies had shaven pussies. And this was always a surprise to the guys who couldn’t wait to get their mouths round it or watch it dance on their cocks. On the odd occasion when I’m writing a vanilla story and the character starts off with pubes, they don’t last very long. Last month I finished my new novella Winter Warmer, in which the girl shaves her cunt in order to ready herself for a hot night of passion with the heating salesman (a shorter version of the story is in Sarah and Peter’s Guide to Seasonal Sex).

If I wrote about pubes, the girl was always kinky. She would make guys lick up the come that spattered in her matted hair. And the guys discovering hair would always be surprised by it. The guy, who is usually used to shaven havens (God I love that phrase, shaven haven mmm) would find a presence of pubes very dirty. He would always end up rimming and bumming her dirty star.

But then I started running a women’s group called Fannying Around (http://www.fanniesrule.com/). Each month women of all ages, backgrounds and sexualities come together to discuss what’s going on with their nethers. Many of them not only admitted to having pubes, but actually celebrated them!

So this November as men nationwide are growing their moustaches for Movember, I decided to endure itching, bad bikini line and feeling less than sexy for Muffember. Each day I posted a picture of my budding bush along side a commentary of its progress on to the Fannies Rule website. As well as raising a pretty penny for Ovarian Cancer Action, it helped me change my relationship with my pubes.

I rather like the way my strawberry blonde wisps compliment my fair skin (the hair on my head was always a duller colour and I’ve not been my natural colour since I was 20). I lie in the bath playing my pubes and when my fella pulls them while he’s munching me, it feels divine.

Now I am a fully functioning sexual being, I have a lot less to prove to the world. I’ve realised pubes are natural and all manner of women delight in them. They can be sexy, beautiful, merky, trimmed, played with, permed, dyed, splattered and stroked. I look forward to exploring my pubes and those of my characters for many years to come. Who’s with me?


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More about Sarah: As an editor, journalist and spokesperson for the erotic realm, Sarah Berry’s wise words have graced such platforms as Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour, Bizarre, Diva, Scarlet, Fiesta and Forum (which she went on to edit). Famed for her reportage style, she has had the dishonour of crawling around a nursery as an adult baby, cycling naked past Big Ben wearing only a hat and tie and kicking men in the balls at a CBT class. Having overcome a sexual dysfunction called vaginismus, she also runs groups where women can get advice on, celebrate and even draw their own fannies – find out more at http://www.fanniesrule.com/.

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Becca Simone said...

what a fun post. I can't remember the last time I thought so much about my pubes. :)