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Thursday 13 Scenes with Luc Saint-Cyr

Luc plays a real-life role-playing game

Thirteen favorite scenes with my alpha character Luc Saint-Cyr from the book Surrender Love. Each point is about two paragraphs, with an intro to explain the scene.
McDoth, Luc's android butler, is also a bodyguard, and the referee in a role-playing game played by Luc's people, the immortal Sempervians. This comment is from McDoth upon Luc's arrival home, shortly after his emotional break up with Wulf Gabriel (whom Luc met and loved in the Tales of the Chosen series). He has just given Luc a bottle of Kelthian whiskey, and is now offering him a glass.
"I've served you too many lifetimes not to know when you're lying. And I will worry over you if I wish. Please" -- McDoth released it -- "use the glass."
Luc turned away, smiling despite himself. But in his room, he set the glass on the dresser and carried the bottle to his canopied bed. He sat on the end of it, refusing to face the man in the mirror across from him. He opened the whiskey, tilted it up and drank half, wiped his chin, and grimaced. No alcohol affected him; he drank it for the memories of the people he'd loved and the times they'd shared. Luc wiped the top of the bottle with the heel of his hand and finished off the rest in two big gulps. Might as well have been tea. Nothing. Drawing back the bottle in one hand, he paused and then hurled it at the mirror above his dresser. Glass shattered.

Ms. Mead is Luc's personal assistant at the multi-world conglomerate Lucsondis Enterprises. Here, she's telling him about Kumwhatmay, a rock group his company represents. One of the members is Izzorah Ceeow, a young feline-humanoid Kin who is shortly to become Luc's love interest in the story.
"In tradestandard, the singer is thirty-one; the others are all twenty-nine, except the drummer, who'll be twenty-seven tradestandard this week." She frowned, poked at her screen. "This can't be right. I'm sorry, sir. One of my assistants must have made a mistake. It says he left Felidae at age eighteen, five tradestandard years ago. He can't be twenty-seven."
Luc and Rah
"No, it's probably right. A solar year on Felidae is equal to one and a quarter of our tradestandard years. To get his correct tradestandard age, you'd multiply his Kin age by one-point-two-five, and add…" Smiling, Luc set down his coffee. "Your eyes are glazing over. Trust your assistants. It's a matter of relative ages. The one they gave you is probably correct, but I'll message you the link to an age calculator I use." He walked around the hologram. They had as much wear on their boots as if they'd lived in them the way he'd lived in his. "I wonder how they explained having a Kin on Mjuka during Ran Holding's time period. Felidae hadn't been discovered yet."

Mynkoh Ceeow is Izzorah's aunt, who has worked for Luc for several years. A warrior on her homeworld, she had personal reasons for leaving, but still holds to a Kin-are-superior-to-humans world view. Upon being told Luc has obtained land on her homeworld, her protective instincts come to the fore.
"You sit there like a king surveying his domain, Saint-Cyr. How Felidae can hope to survive with humans like you carving it up a little at a time is beyond me."
"And what's beyond me is how Felidae can hope to compete in the empire's marketplace when males in all but three clans have no rights, no education, and no opportunity for a solid future. That's seventy percent of the population, Mynkoh. If you wonder why I hire so many Kin males, there's your answer. I can't turn my back on their plight."

Ms. Mead interrupts a business dinner Luc is having with Mynkoh Ceeow, to inform them both of an emergency. This is the catalyst that brings Luc and Izzorah together in a more intimate way.
"Sir, sorry to disturb, but I believe Mynkoh Ceeow is with you. Is she not? She's needed at Kelthian General Hospital right away. Her nephew Izzorah has been badly injured, and she may be closest to his blood type. It's rare, and apparently his metabolism can't handle synthetic blood."
He felt the room fade, everything shrinking down to Mynkoh's face, her Kin ears outward. The image of Izzorah's emerald eyes came to the fore. Luc hadn't thought of anyone else all afternoon. "Tell them we're on our way."

A day after Izzorah is released from the hospital, he stops by Luc's office to thank him for donating blood, and talk turns a holo-vid for which Izzorah and his group, Kumwhatmay, performed. Izzorah says how much Luc resembles the main character in the vid, Ran Holding. Luc is immortal, and in a twist of irony, had actually been the real Ran Holding, a pioneer farmer on one of the outer worlds. He pretends to misunderstand and asks if Izzorah means he resembles the actor.
"No, sorry. I meant Ran Holding. They showed us the old flatpics they had of him. There was a whole book. You could play him a lot better than Dennis could." He shrugged. "Not that he was bad, but you'd be really impressive dressed up like Ran."
Luc smiled. "Would I, now? I've always thought it might be fun to be a cowboy."

Luc in a tux
Luc asks Izzorah out to dinner. As a test to see if the young Kin is truly ready for the publicity a relationship with him will entail, Luc suggests they attend a famous gay nightclub. When Izzorah agrees, Luc asks him again if he's certain.
"Yes." Izzorah wet his lips, his cheeks pale. "It's time for me to take a step forward. I want to go there. Especially with you." He faced Luc, shoulders back, face tilted up to him like a flower to the sun. Trust, hunger, and fear warred for dominance in his eyes. Hunger won. No innocent looked at Luc Saint-Cyr with such hunger and remained pure for long.
"God help me, Izzorah, I have to warn you. You're not safe with me." He caressed one thumb across the Kin's lower lip, savoring the golden tones of his skin. "I'm not a nice man. I won't hold it against you if you think twice and decide I'm not worth the risk."

Conspiring against Luc in their role-playing game, one of the other immortals interferes with Luc's plans to pick up Izzorah. When he arrives, Luc discovers the young Kin is about to be placed under arrest for being in the empire unlawfully. He works his particular brand of tactful magic with the arresting officer, and proceeds to get down on the floor with Izzorah, who had become physically ill from the stress.
"I mean -- why are you here, here." Izzorah wiped at his eyes with the heel of his right hand.
"Ah. In the bathroom, on the floor, next to the toilet? Here." Luc placed a handkerchief in his hand. "I'm taking care of you."

Izzorah is a virgin, and Luc has had centuries of experience. He's in no hurry. Luc suggests a bath to help them relax prior to making love.
"Luc?" Izzorah moved to his knees, hands clenched. "Can I… Is it…okay if I touch you?"
"I want you to, Izzorah. I'm offering myself to you. Use me in any way you desire. Tonight, I'm devoting myself to your pleasure."

Izzorah learns quickly how to respond to Luc's lovemaking and tells him, "You are the one who's beautiful, Luc."
Izzorah Ceeow
He opened his mouth as Izzorah rose to capture it, and stroked his tongue across fangs half-again as long as a human's canines. Luc sighed, lost in the tender roughness of a Kin's kiss. The feel of that cat-scratchy tongue along the corners of his mouth sucked a raspy groan out of him.

Luc wants to know why Izzorah chose a shirt for him to wear to work.
The young Kin pressed his lips together, ears down and out, submissive. "So I could wear it after you left, and it would smell like you." He pulled back to look up. "It's okay. I know it was silly."
"Not a bit." Luc drew him close again. He cradled Izzorah in his arms, the heat of his lover's body a potent reminder of the sex they'd shared. He curled one hand into Rah's hair, savoring the sensual fall of it around his fingers. "It's sweet as hell. Picturing you in my shirt makes me so hot I don't want to go to work." Rah threw himself against Luc, stood on tiptoe, and crushed his mouth against his. The bold kiss he claimed cascaded desire over Luc in waves of heat, inundating his thoughts. No world existed past this armful of hot Kin male. Rah pressed against him, his body insistent, tongue demanding entrance, and Luc let his mouth be taken.

Luc struggles to accept Izzorah's complete submission, until the Kin talks to him about destiny.
At last, fingers spread, Izzorah set both hands on Luc's chest. "Has no one ever looked past the myths and seen the man? Has no one ever given you what you craved without you having to ask? Because I was born to give you what you crave. I will give you what you need. I am what you need. If you believe you make your own destiny, Luc, then I'm here. Loving you. Waiting for you. Please, make me your destiny."
Silence hung between them, so deep it felt as if the world itself held its breath. Luc hesitated only because his heart overflowed with awe. He had no words, nothing to offer except his love.

Luc sends Izzorah off for the day, pampering him with shopping and spa, as he would have with his former lover, who'd been a supermodel. But Izzorah has a different opinion on the matter.
He shook his head. "I don't like to spend good money on new clothes, Luc. I --"
Surrender Love
"My love." Luc kissed him. "You have no idea how refreshing that is. All of this will be put on my account with Jo, so don't give it a second thought. Let me lavish you with attention. It's my gift. I want you to come back relaxed, happy, and looking even more perfect than you already do."

A final scene which takes place right before a dinner with two of his sons, during which he'll be introducing Izzorah as his future spouse. Luc turns and sees Izzorah approaching.
Luc caught his breath, focused solely on Izzorah, who was decked out in a black tux with red accents, similar to Luc's own. On his brow and encircling his ears lay the krona Luc had given him, a Kin crown worn only by the mate of the chief warrior of a clan. Black stones mixed with garnets, opals, and pale green peridot, enhancing the beauty of his perfect Kin prince. He held out a hand to his future mate and linked their fingers as he turned to those in the room.

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Heat Level:  R=graphic sex, plus extreme cuddling, tenderness, and the seduction of a virgin who knows exactly what he wants

Surrender Love
Not rebound, payback, loneliness, or sex; far beyond love. It's surrender.

This book is the 2010 EPIC Award Winner in Science Fiction Erotic Romance
Love Romances & More, Best SciFi/Futuristic 2009 Runner Up; Winner "Best Cover"
Romance Junkies Reviewers' Favorite List 2009 

Enjoy a vid I made with Luc and Izzorah as cats.


Gem Sivad said...

Wow, I missed this book when it came out. Just the teasers have put it on my TBR list!

Cat Gardiene said...

Oh, Kayelle, I miss them so much! Picture me waiting with bated breath! The first real hint of Luc's soft side for me was always his support of the Kin males. And Shackle or no Shackle, the way he raised Senth to be an independent being with the courage to defy him was also a peek behind the mask of power he wore. Thank you for this universe and for giving us a peek into the lives of everyone in the Empire.

Kayelle Allen said...

Thanks, Gem! I'm writing the sequel now. If you like Luc, you'll find him in about six books. He's the power behind the scenes, so to speak.

Cat, I miss these guys too. I've spent the day writing, and made considerable headway. I know you've read the books, and are aware that Senth pushed every freaking button Luc had. LOL