Monday, March 14, 2011

Excerpt from Midnight's Shadow - Sara Brookes

Midnight's Shadow
Book 2 in the Star Runner Saga
(erotic science fiction romance)

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It’s been months since the traumatic and life-altering events on Sulis. Wallace hasn’t been the same and Taran has spent her nights in an empty bed. When a stranger offers her the opportunity to pilot the extraordinary Spyridon—Taran refuses. There’s too much emotional turmoil in her life right now and the less complications, the better.

But Wallace has other ideas and seizes the opportunity without her knowledge. He deliberately sacrifices the one thing Taran loves unconditionally—Eidolon.

Now Taran finds herself captain of a starship that legend paints as haunted. Nothing is as it seems on a ship that appears to have a mind of its own. Forced to accept the consequences before her, Taran will have to put her faith in a man she doesn’t trust as she tries to win back the love of the man she does.


Damp darkness pushed in on me so quickly it felt as if I would suffocate. Wet stone pressed against my palm as I put out a steadying hand and cried out in shock from the flash of cold wind that blew across the back of my neck. I definitely wasn’t in the room on the ship any longer.
The temperature change caused me to shiver and I stumbled back in an effort to get away from the suddenness of it. A cry of surprise escaped my throat when my back contacted sharply with an unforgiving surface and the shock of it traveled through me like a thunderbolt.
I spun, wrapped my hands around the cold metal bars that lined the doorway and with a sinking feeling realized that this was some sort of prison. Screams and shouts of pain sounded far off and I bit my lip to keep my voice from joining their horrific chorus.
The high-pitched panic of the sound seared through me and I wanted the noise to stop.
The sound stood out as a dark harbinger of unknown things to come and I wasn’t interested to find out what else stood before me.
Fear iced my veins. I backed away from the bars only to meet with another solid object. As I fought for breath, I spun around in preparation to defend myself from whatever occupied the cell with me.
Sparkling amber eyes met mine and Wallace’s name tumbled from my lips as I launched myself at him. Strong, sure arms caught me and pulled hard as the force of the impact caused him to stumble against one of the walls. His mouth angled over mine and I opened without hesitation to feel his tongue sweep my mouth. My hand wrapped around the back of his neck and I pulled him closer, relished the explosion of heat that erupted between us.
The kiss was relentless and neither of us seemed inclined to sever the connection.
However, we both seemed to recognize the need to breathe and broke away. We panted as our foreheads pressed together. The familiarity of him was a comfort in the darkness I found myself in and instantly forgave him of all his sins.
None of it mattered at this moment.
I craved his touch like this after several months without it. His hips ground against mine and I tossed my head back as a throaty laugh escaped my lips. The fear I’d experienced just seconds ago vanished completely—he was with me now. He growled in response as he pushed me down and away from him, then gripped my shoulders in order to spin me around and pressed me against those confining bars.
My hands gripped them as I used their strength for support and felt the cold metal bite into my bare skin. Strong fingers reassured me and there was a rush of cool air as he stripped away the tattered scraps of clothing I wore.
Wallace’s breath was hot on my skin as his thumb pushed against my jaw and his lips trailed a path between my ear and chin as he leaned over me. Teeth closed over my earlobe and I pushed back, urged him for more violence. The need to mate and imprint myself on him was too strong of a draw and I didn’t care how it was done—just that it happened. I’d been away from him for way too long.
“Normally, I pride myself in my finesse, but I have to fuck you right now.” His other hand was rough against my hip as he pushed me down to my knees. I felt his hand brush against the back of my thigh as he fumbled one-handed with the waistband of his pants. I fought against the urge to grind back on him until he had finished freeing himself.
There was an explosion of liquid fire as Wallace entered me from behind and I bit off an oath at the exquisite feel of surrounding him again. It had been torture to wait this long.


Jessica Subject said...

I'm reading and enjoying Midnight's Ghost right now. Can't read as I'm sure there are spoilers. :)

Sara Brookes said...

Heh, actually, nope - not in this section. :^)

Savanna Kougar said...

Sara, fierce hot excerpt!

Sara Brookes said...

Thank you, Savanna!