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SiNful Saturday ~ A Little Holiday Cheer

Or, maybe a ‘large package’ of holiday cheer.

Here are the latest flashes from my X-Serial Flash Story.

Happy Courtship on another Earth

Sylva and Zeke’s love story...

November 27, 2010

Part 699 ~

Sylva wrapped herself more tightly around her long tall cowboy, her husband. Her Zeke. Their languorous, incredibly long kisses ignited her almost unbearably, and she was struck with passion’s fever, her whole body burning. When their mouths eased apart, and their breaths burst against each other, she murmured, “You ever plan on using that torch you call a cock, handsome. It’s so hot I’ll bet my thighs have turned red.” His whiskey-colored eyes darkened more, becoming black as smoke. The raw dangerous power that he was as a man flared in the depths of his eyes, fascinating Sylva. She stared.

Zeke witnessed the soul of his woman, and felt utterly mesmerized by the facets of wisdom, strength and beauty he saw. More, she bewitched him. Her. Who she was as a spiritual and flesh being. “Sylva,” he finally rasped. “Zeke,” she breathed out his name, as if he were her very breath. Their mouths fused tenderly, then their lips blazed against each other. Keeping their lips sealed, Zeke nudged his woman’s thighs open with his knee. Her sheath’s entrance warmly welcomed the thrust of his cock, and he smoothly penetrated his wife. She moaned against his lips and he lunged.

November 28, 2010

Part 700 ~

Sylva met Zeke’s thrust with the rise of her hips. Slower than slow, she undulated, in rhythm with the long lazy pumps of his cock. “Oh, cowboy, you’re driving me crazy in all the right ways.” He framed her face between his palms, his fingers stabbing into her hair. God, Sylva loved the way he handled her. Their gazes fused for a several moments, and Sylva witnessed his love for her. She saw his insatiable passion. For her. She saw the pleasure she was giving him. His lips brushed hers, even as he plunged deep, and she sang a moan.

Zeke had never felt so dang relaxed, yet so tense with his carnal pleasures, as he slow-danced his shaft in and out of his woman. The taste of her lips, his cock buried inside her, her sweet passionate moan, Zeke kept his rhythm. He stroked the length of her sheath with such ease, it somewhat surprised him. What didn’t surprise him, was the stinging bliss taking over his body, rising from the base of his cock like fiery lava. “Crazy,” he growled. “Darlin’ mine, I’m crazed.” His wife smiled, rolling her hips higher in concert with each of his thrusts.

November 29, 2010

Part 701 ~

Sylva wanted to delay the orgasm blooming inside her. Her cowboy husband’s cock, and the slow rhythmic way he lunged, felt so, so good she wished she could prolong it. And prolong how beautiful it felt to meet his thrusts with the belly-dancing move of her hips. Still, her eyelids squeezed shut and she yielded to the inevitable. “Zeke,” she whimpered. “Don’t stop.” Her words seemed redundant since he’d never stopped before. Yet, it was just her need to express the ecstasy building, a gradual rise that promised to consume her. “Oh, Zeke.” His mouth clamped onto hers briefly. “God.”

Zeke pumped deep, momentarily stiffening with his climax. With his stud bullets firing up his cock, he plunged inside his woman again, riding her faster, but as smoothly. Pleasure ripped through him then, endless tides of pleasure. “Sylva,” he ground out. His love for her flowed out of him, and when he finally stilled again, his rapture seemed to own even his skin. With his jaw still clenched, and his eyes still closed, he carefully lowered himself. Her arms wound around him and he felt her tremors of bliss. He looped his arms around her, rolling them on their sides.

November 30, 2010

Part 702 ~

Sylva clung to her Zeke, the feeling so delicious, she rested her head against him and basked in her dreamy satiation. After stroking his hand into her hair and circling caresses, her cowboy settled them a bit more comfortably. When he moved, she mumbled, “No, I don’t want to let go.” She heard his deep chuckle and felt the vibration of his chest. “Not letting go, Sylva mine. Just pulling the blanket over us.” With easy efficiency, he draped them, then embraced her. She drifted down fast. ‘Too fast’, she thought. ‘I want to enjoy.’ Aware of his body, she slept lightly.

Zeke couldn’t ever remember feeling this happy. Not this constant state of happiness. Given most of his life had been a good one, with times of extreme joy, and with a sense of deep accomplishment, still, he knew being with his wife was more. Special. He’d seen this between his parents, this overall happiness, even when they fought with each other. Or simply disagreed. As he sank into sleep, he reviewed his life, especially those peak times when elation had seized him tighter than his foes during sports competitions. He smiled like a dang prize idiot before sleep caught him.

December 1, 2010

Part 703 ~

Sylva awoke to a strange high-pitched buzzing. Zeke let go of her rolling fast. She felt the bed give as he launched to his feet. Reluctantly, she opened one eye, and finally blinked. She must have been sleeping much deeper than she realized. “Emergency, darlin’.” Her cowboy’s sleep-roughened voice answered her question somewhat. Jerking up to her elbow, she saw him hauling on a pair of work jeans and a denim shirt. Grabbing his gun belt, he whipped it around his hips, then buckled the two holsters to his thighs. “Emergency?” Sylva asked, realizing real life on this Earth intruded.

Zeke acted on pure training and reflex. The moment he’d heard ‘the buzz’, as it was called, he’d leaped out of bed and threw his clothes on, then slid on his gun belt. Now, he perched on a low stool, jerking on what he called his ‘runnin’ boots’. “Sylva, darlin’, you’ll be okay and I’ll be back soon, Lord willin’.” With not even a moment to snatch a kiss from his bride, Zeke planted his Stetson on. “Mother will take care of you.” He gave her a last longing look, then rushed out his back door, trotting down the stairs.

December 2, 2010

Part 704 ~

Sylva said a silent prayer for Zeke, then slowly eased down on the bed. Trying in vain to comfort herself, she pulled the coverlet up to her chin. Nightmare imaginings of what could happen to her husband stalked her as she attempted to rest. Restlessly, she moved kicking at the covers. Still, there was no reason to get up. In truth, she was still tired. Her worry over her cowboy and her weariness battled it out. Then, it struck her. If she did sleep, maybe she could do her psi thing and check out what was going on. Sylva shivered.

Zeke raced alongside his dad toward their third barn. A fire crew made up of the men working in the stable aimed high-arcing streams of water over one small section of the roof. In the meantime, the horses stalled inside, mostly mares ready to drop their foals, were being led outside, and corralled. “An explosion,” Nevada panted out, once they joined the crew. “All the horses are safe,” Samuel hollered. “Keep watch over ‘em. Keep ‘em calm,” Zeke shouted back. “It was an air missile,” Van hollered, moving beside them. “Caught a glimpse of the robo aircraft. Flying due south.”

December 3, 2010

Part 705 ~

Sylva settled herself more comfortably, closing her eyes. A part of her felt reticent since she had no clue what she might find. As she took deep relaxing breaths, a mishmash of images crossed before her mind’s eye. Drowsiness had begun to claim her when she heard tapping on the door to Zeke’s suite of rooms. Her eyelids popped open, and her adrenalin kicked in. Rising, Sylva found the first robe she could, and quickly slipped into the elegant dressing gown. The color of pale blue pearls, it could have come from a thirties noir movie. “I’m coming,” she hollered.

Zeke scrutinized the damage done to the barn’s roof, even as it became clear, the flames had been defeated. “Must’ve been the size of a dart. How the hell did --” His dad interrupted, “The robo plane was the size of an eagle, and not loaded for bear. That’s how it penetrated our defenses.” Zeke nodded. “Any chance of recovering it?” He gazed at Van. “We got it on Locator. And, the Speeder is hummin’, ready to go. Just give the word. We’ll --“ Zeke spun on his boot heel. “Let’s go take a look. See who might be waitin’ for it.”

Happy Ridin’ and Ropin’ Holidays


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