Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My first F/F experience...WOW

When I first started my venture as a writer years ago I was a lowly stringer for a local newspaper. I reported on council meetings and boring school board meeting. For adventure I'd interview the oldest woman in the county. I think she was 92- my memory's not as good as it used to be.

Since those rewarding days I've transformed into a published author, an SEO and web content writer and a contributing blog writer. I still attend meetings and interview interesting people for feature articles for another local newspaper but boy, oh boy- have times changed.

My first novel was a sweet romance. Boy meets girl, boy sleeps with (no sex scene visited- just the idea was presented), girl gets pregnant and in the end boy marries girl. Happily ever after. The end.

My second novel was a little more sassy with a little saucy heroine mixed in. My first sex scene is revealed. And WOW- did I like it.

My third and fourth novels, scheduled for release in early 2011, are pure erotica. Sex, sex and more sex. Erotic phrases, naughty words and hot and heavy scenes with lotsa skin.

My third novel is basically an erotic novel filled with man and woman in a motel room for the proverbial romp in the hay.

But it's the fourth novel that even had me blushing momentarily.

My first girl on girl scene. What? I wrote that? Why, yes I did. I wrote it. I haven't lived it...but I wrote it. I am saying this proudly.

It took a lot of imagination and creativity and secret moments of writing- after all, I am a mother to three children- I would be curious as to what my kids would think.

Needless to say this was a completely new avenue for me to take. I haven;t shared the novel cover with my family, God forbid when my parents (my Catholic parents) see it. Sheesh, I maybe grounded for a year.

So tell me, if you've written any form of GLBT novel- how did you come about it? How did you write it if you don't live it?

Rachel's Desire available here in mid March 2001.


Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, the imagination is a great thing. I've imagined lots of passionate/erotic sex scenes before I even knew what the acts were called.

I don't have any F/F or M/M scenes in my pubbed novels. However, I have written those scenes between secondary characters in several WIPs. Secondary, because that's the way I prefer it. And I only write what I like.

Given that, I have two pubbed menages. And, I'm currently penning my third for submission.

Dawne Prochilo said...

This little blog created quite an in-depth conversation between me and my husband- interesting to say the least. Just because you write it, iamgine it or create it doesn't mean you personally act upon... writing is half creativity/fasntasy and half truth- it's up to the reader to determine which is which