Monday, November 1, 2010

Bodice Ripper

I hear the term "Bodice Ripper" occasionally. For some reason the term seems cheesy and makes me think of the books my mom's generation read. I asked some of my writer pals about the term. I noticed many writers don't care for the term too much and are quick to correct the person who uses the phrase. Some consider "Bodice Ripper" a derogatory term for all romances and was inspired by some early historical romances that featured rape fantasies or included rape as part of the plot. Today this term is used most often by people who do not read romance books.

Today's romance is sensitive to the needs and emotions of women; rape is not part of story lines. (Oh, the sexy might be rough and kinky...wink, wink.) Romance writers focus on the emotion and sensuality between characters; providing the reader a chance to escape from every day life into a variety of plots and a world of passion.

Erotic romance is a story at the more erotic end of the romance spectrum. These adventures will include intense details of sexual liaisons that may happen frequently between the main characters and are vital to the plot. These stories are usually very sensual and emotional as a strong relationship develops between the characters.

Take a break this fall and check out an erotic romance. If you hear somebody call it "a bodice ripper" tell them to read one... they'll be hooked! Passion is such a wonderful word and so much, much more.

I think we all would like to have this sort of passion in our lives. Undo our bodices slowly with tender kisses, nibbles, and soft caresses or rip 'em off in the lustful heat of the moment! Take me away.....

But then again...I paid alot of money for this bodice. You rip it, I just might spank you.

Mary Quast is the author of the Soul Series.


Vivien Jackson said...

I used to use the term "bodice ripper" every once in a while. Then I talked with someone who actually endured a sexual assault that involved ripped clothing. Turns out it's a lot more uncomfortable than you think to have your clothes ripped off. I haven't used the term since then.

(Though I probably did read those mom-generation romances, I confess. *blush*)

Savanna Kougar said...

Vivien, so too bad about the person who was sexually assaulted.

Yeah, bodice ripper was originally a derogatory term for a certain generation of romance novels... although, the term became reclaimed my many authors and readers, and was considered a good description.

Yes, there were some of those romances [I read a whole lot of them] that did have so-called rape fantasies. And, truth to tell, they were historicals where that happened and was *realistic* to the time period. However, most of romances were really about intense and undeniable passion that may feature a scene with some ripped clothing... a cotton chemise doesn't tear like polyester, for example. Cotton velvet tears easily also. I know I worked in a fabric store and we sometimes tore the fabric to keep the true grain.
Also, at times, a knife was used to cut the lacings... so, it was not a nasty tearing away of the bodice that would have caused pain.

Those who comment negatively on romance novels as a genre, whether bodice rippers, or not, MOSTLY don't have a clue, or are simply jealous. Or for whatever repressed psychological reason.

In comparison, today's romance has it's good sexy erotic elements. However, I rarely see the sweep you away passion of the bodice rippers.