Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The best piece of clothing ... to take off

I have to admit it: in fiction, I have a thing for men in leather pants. I spent two seasons drooling through Farscape and three long films admiring a certain ranger-king's leather-clad, er, legs, damn it: I have a right. Yes, yes, I know that in reality getting those things on and off would be more comical than sexy -- and would probably require a terribly stinky amount of baby powder -- but a girl can still appreciate the eye candy.

Which leads me to ponder other clothing items on men.

Like boots. Nothing says rowr like a man in boots. Cowboy, Hessian, motorcycle; they all string my bikini.

As do loose jeans. Worn commando. Mmm hmmm. True, the zipper-down maneuver in such a situation is tricky, and it has to be done sloooow, but doesn't that just make it yummier, in the end?

I also like me some slinky boxers, for when commando isn't an option (and boo to those times, incidentally). Nothing says touchable ass like the feel of one through a thin layer o' slink.

And, you can call me fetishy all you want, but I have a thing for men in lace. Like, those long early-18th-century court cuffs. Don't blame me: it's all Lestat's fault.

There's also something dangerously sexy about a guy wearing a weapon. In historicals, the sword makes me salivate. In sci-fi and space opera, I am all about Han Solo's blaster. (Mind out of gutter! I mean it, now. I'm talking about clothing, not metaphor.)

Of course, there are also clothing items that completely unsexify a hero for me: item one, those silky smoking jackets that the dudes in sitcoms always seem to wear when they're trying to get their smolder on. 'Cause nothing says trying-to-be-Hef like a silky smoking jacket.

Also: tightie whities. Why do so many lurid photos of men show them in these things? Reminds me of laundry.

Finally on the not-sexy side: droop-booty trousers. Can't tell you how many hot bods are ruined by the droop-booty look. Ruined, I say. Pull those things up! Or down. It matters not to me.

Anybody got some yes-pleases or oh-icks to add?


Vivien Jackson is an erotica and erotic romance writer. This nibble has been cross-posted to her personal blog. Her erotic goodies are available at Paper Bag Press.


Christa Paige said...

Um, I'm a mind to like a cravat, unwound slowly and then used wickedly.

Honestly, I like heroes in plain ole tshirts, long-sleeved or short-sleeved cause they show the muscles quite nicely and surely make a sight when being pulled off.

Can't go wrong with a man in boots. But, then my biggest yummy-on-a-man thing are vambraces. Yeah, I'm different.

Gem Sivad said...

Oh my, I like a man with a broad chest covered in a sweaty tee-shirt, his muscled arms flexing, his rump outlined in faded denim...hmmmm, yummy.


Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, what the heck is a vambrace? Yeah, I'm showing my ignorance... but, apparently that what it's there for.

All good, what has been said, as far as sexy. I'm eclectic in what I find particularly sexy and stimulating. Though *boots* and 'rump outlined in faded denim' are two of my faves. Han Solo's blaster is a definite get my engine purring... as are swords... and about anything Adrian Paul wore as The Highlander.

Though, I guess, my hellhound heroes, Zin and Zol, won't be to your preference, since they plan to wear their smoking jackets for that civilized, but passionate evening with their Kandy Apple.