Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tempting Tuesday - Blueberry Festival

I live in a small community in Mid-Michigan and every year during the third weekend in August we host the Montrose Blueberry Festival. (Yes, we do have many places to pick berries!) But for those who have never attended our festival, let me give you some temptations to zip into my town for a visit.

1. Blueberries… everything blueberries! Yummy! Pie eating contest! (Don't forget to have save room for the Pig Roast

2. Blueberry pancake breakfast on Sat & Sun. We serve 4,000 hungry folks. The sausages are the kids favorites. My family has been working the breakfast for years, so come to it and I’ll take a break to chat.

3. Medieval Village & Renaissance Faire. Montrose is Scottish for “mountain of roses”. In this hilly farming community, many wild roses grow around fields and in ditches.
Working with the knowledge of our Scottish heritage and members from the greater Renaissance Festival folk from the Shiabruck Medieval Village, we’ve put together an amazing village and faire. Stop by and meet my special friends, Gypsy and Hagrid. Gypsy made the original necklace Mike McAlister wears in my book "Lonely Soul".

4. The awesome parade. My boys have been in it every year! Oh... and don't forget the carnival. It’s a blast!

5. Farmers Market. The best food to put into your body is wholesome home grown! And yes... we do have some corn-fed, home-grown hunks as well.

6. Flea Market and craft show. I lose myself there every year; the boys have to lure me out with chocolate.

7. Classic Car Show and Vintage Snowmobile Swap Meet.

8. Mud Drag & Mud Bog for those who enjoy getting dirty.

9. Demolition Derby. A great way to take out aggression.

10. Live music and a karaoke contest. No way… you won’t hear me sing! We also have an awesome beer tent.

11. Firefighters Demonstrations.

12. MI Championship Wrestling.

13. Softball,5-mile road race,horseshoes, Tug-of-War Challenge and more time in the beer tent. Great opportunities to see some shirtless men!

Throughout the town and township, there are a ton of rummage sales offering wonderful treasures and parties galore! I hope many of you take a break from your busy schedule and visit. If I’m available, I’ll let you know where the best "goodies" are. Hugs!

Visit the Blueberry Website for more info.


Christa Paige said...

That sounds like so much fun! I want to go visit now, so many of the activities appeal to me from the pancakes to the Renaissance fair and classic cars.
Thanks for sharing about this!

Savanna Kougar said...

Mary... you had me at blueberries... luv 'em!

Then you mentioned the Scotland and Renn Faire... and, oh, I'd love to visit!

Kayelle Allen said...

The local RennFest one year had a humongus rocking horse you had to climb up with a special ladder. Once seated, a strong young man set the horse into motion and kept it rocking by putting one foot against a runner/rocker and bracing his arms against one of the horse's legs. The push-off with the foot on the ground coupled with the push with his arms made the giant horse move.

I was waiting for my teens, taking a break in the shade and sipping a cool drink while I watched. After watching two rides I decided to hang out indefinitely. The operator was wearing lace up boots, a poet shirt, and a kilt, and every time he took a step back, the kilt swung, revealing a bit more thigh. So I refilled my drink, took a better seat, and started praying for a good "stiff" breeze. Best RennFest ever!

Kayelle Allen said...

Oh, and did I mention he had uber long golden hair and an angelic face? The shade and cool drink didn't help that much, but I was starting to enjoy the "heat" and didn't mind at all. ;O

Savanna Kougar said...

Kayelle, I saw lots of Renn Faire cuties and hotties... but never that scenario... darn!