Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Wolf & The Empath

Book One


Mira didn’t need a man, she didn’t need anyone to love and hold her. She didn’t need anyone to protect her, “She was a woman hear her roar.” That’s what she told herself when she was alone with no one to talk to. So why did the man sitting on the bar stool in her club, with all the yummy muscles make her remember why she needed a man?

Tristan was an alien who was going to ground. He didn’t need a female, they rejected him his whole life. What would make him think now would be any different? He knew better than to watch the female with the voluptuous shape as she made love to the pole on stage. His eyes wouldn’t leave her. If he could have one thing before he said goodbye to his new planet, it would be a night with her.

They thought they didn’t need each other until a chance encounter showed them they were wrong. As they find their way to loving each other, they’ll have to deal with an enemy that doesn’t care that Tristan’s a wolf, or that Mira’s an empath.

This new enemy is determined to kill Tristan and take Mira. Is the threat localized or will the world pay if they fail?

Some days falling in love is harder than others.


Turning she walked into the cemetery, just wandering until she felt a note of incredible sadness and intense longing. Her feet turned and took her towards the well of despair she could feel surrounding her like a wool blanket.

Standing in the doorway of an open crypt was the male from earlier.

“What a strange place to meet up suga. I mean we could have just gone to your place.”

“What are you doing here?” Tristan looked at her as if he knew she was there before he heard her voice.

Her breath caught in her throat. When he was seated at the bar with his head down, she couldn’t really see him. Now that he was standing he was tall with beautiful green eyes. His shoulders were broad, but his waist was trim, and everything in-between looked like solid muscle.

“You a warrior suga?”

“A healer.”

Damn if any of her doctors looked that good, she’d never miss an appointment.

“Bet you’re the richest doctor on the planet.”

He laughed. It was rusty, but it was a laugh.

“So why are you out here?”

He froze her out as he turned to face the crypt again.

“Go home, it's not safe out here.”


He turned around his green eyes were wide. Obviously, he wasn’t familiar with the word no.

“What did you say?”

“No, it’s that little word that kids learn to say early in life. The one that says I don’t care what the hell you said, I’m not doing it.”

“I can make you leave.” His eyes were flashing, something dark and dangerous moved behind them.

A smarter woman would back off. But she left smarter a long time ago. When you lived in a world where other people’s emotions were as real as your own. You had to learn to take risks.

“Then make me.” She moved closer to him so that she was in his intimate sphere. He could touch her, hurt her, all she could count on was the very core of him to take the correct action.

“You’re dangerous, to yourself and others,” He growled at her.

She let out the breath she didn’t know she was holding. Being this close made her realize that there was an edge to his emotions. A foreignness she never dealt with before. He made her think of a wild animal, but nothing on earth could compare to what was coming from him.

Looking up she gave him a silly smile edged with relief. “Yeah, I’ve been looking for someone who could handle me for years. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m meant to be alone.”

“So that’s it? You accept that fates a fickle bitch and keep walking?” His voice held a question in it.

Book 2 coming this month

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